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Buy User Friendly Best Dedicated Server in Canada for Your Online Business

Onlive Server provides Canada Dedicated server. We provide the best dedicated hosting services at affordable prices. Our goal is to help you to grow your business and boost your sales with our reliable and affordable server hosting solution. We offer both Windows and Linux based VPS hosting plans that are fully managed, giving you complete control over your virtual server environment.

We offer several different types of virtual private servers for all your needs, from small websites to high traffic websites. They also provide DDoS protected dedicated servers which are ideal for online companies and other big businesses that require high performance dedicated servers.

About Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of server that provides everything you need to run your online business. They has been design specifically it for online businesses and it is the most effective way to run an online business because it offers better performance, reliability and security than shared hosting.

A Dedicated Server Hosting can be purchased as a physical machine or as software. A dedicated server is one that is completely dedicated to your business needs. It will have no other functions or roles except hosting your website and services.

The main difference between a virtual dedicated server and a dedicated server is that the comes with all the necessary hardware including CPU, RAM, hard drive space and more. The advantage of this type of hosting package is that it offers high speed connectivity for your site and other applications running on it.

How Dedicated Server Can Help Your Business Website?

A server is a computer that hosts a website. You can choose to host your website on dedicated servers which are used by many websites and businesses. A dedicated server will provide you with everything you need to run your business. It has enough power and RAM to run your business website smoothly.

It also provides you with more security than shared hosting because they do not connect it to the internet and does not share any information about your website with anyone else. The server is only for your use and the company manages it and checked regularly by it from time to time.

You can choose from various types of dedicated servers depending on what kind of site you want to build for your business. There are web hosting packages that include everything from domain name registration, web hosting, email hosting, and more. Some companies offer all these services in one package while others offer them separately so that you can choose what fits best for your needs.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

  1. High-performance server:

Dedicated hosting provides you with the best hardware and software. I designed the server to support your business, so it can handle multiple tasks at once. I design the hardware to provide good performance for your website, so it can respond quickly and efficiently to any request from users. This means that you have more control over the performance of your website and can optimize it as necessary.

  1. Control over resources:

With dedicated hosting, you control the resources that are allocated to your website. You can allocate more resources or fewer resources depending on how much traffic or how many applications you need to run on the server at once. This gives you more control over your website’s performance and allows you to optimize it as necessary without having to worry about other people using up too many resources on the server (such as if another company had their own site hosted on it).

How Does Dedicated Server Work?

Dedicated server is the best option for all your business needs. Why? Because it offers several advantages over the shared hosting plan.

The most important is that a dedicated server it will be running on its own hardware, which means that everything will run much faster and more smoothly. This includes your website, database and email servers, as well as your email service provider (ESP).

Another advantage of dedicated servers is that they help you avoid downtime or other problems that can occur with shared hosting plans. With a dedicated server, you can ensure that your website will always be available 24/7.

Factors of Dedicated Server Help to Grow your Businesses?

Dedicated server is a great way for you to grow your business. Cheap Canada Dedicated Server has many benefits and it can help you in many ways. You need to know the reasons why you should buy a dedicated server for your business. This article will explain some of the benefits that you can get from buying a dedicated server for your business.

First, the personalization of the dedicated server will help you in growing your business as it helps you have full control over the operating system and applications that are installed on it. This means that you can easily configure them according to your needs and make them work with ease.

You should also know that the dedicated servers come with great performance because experts who know what they do best and how they work best have tested them. This means that they are very reliable when they are being used by businesses because they don’t crash easily like other types of servers do.

Another thing about buying a dedicated server is that it is more affordable than purchasing one separately from another company. Company that offers them at lower prices than what we offer here at Onlive Server Canada.

High Security

High security is the most important thing when it comes to a Dedicated Server. You can get your servers hacked, which will have negative effects on your business. If you are using a shared hosting provider, then they will hack your website. In such cases, you need to take action immediately and contact their support team for help. But if you are using a dedicated server. Then it’s impossible for anyone to hack into your server because they do not have access to the root account and system resources. So, there is no need to worry about getting hacked as long as you are using Onlive Server for your Dedicated Server.

High-Speed Connection

Another important factor that you should consider while choosing a dedicated server is the speed of connection between the client and server. There are many factors that affect this speed like bandwidth capacity, distance between server and client etc. But if both these factors are similar then it can cause lagging or slow loading time in your website. In such cases, it’s better to choose a dedicated server provider with high quality connection so that your website will run smoothly without any lag or delay in loading time.

Greater Access Control

One of the most important features is the ability to control access to your server. You can set up different security levels for each user or group of users. So that you can ensure that only authorized users have access to your server. This is especially useful if you run an online business. As it will allow you to keep track of which areas of your website are being accessed by whom.


Onlive Server is a Canada-based hosting company that provides reliable and fast hosting solutions to its clients. They have many years of experience in the industry and have built a strong reputation for themselves over the years.

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