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Best Ways to Make your PowerPoint Presentation Design Stand Out

Best Ways to Make your PowerPoint Presentation Design Stand Out

If you have a presentation to deliver or if you’re in the process of making one, this article is for you. To deliver impactful PowerPoint presentations you need to tell a captivating story but that’s not everything. A lot of times we forget about the visual aspect of a PowerPoint presentation. A great story needs great visuals to support it only then will you get the results you are looking for. PowerPoint Shapes, PowerPoint icons and diagrams are great tools that you can utilize to set your PowerPoint presentation design services apart. Let’s look at a step by step approach to delivering winning presentations. Read on as we talk about the best ways to make your PowerPoint presentation design stand out.

Use a consistent bunch of icons for your PowerPoint presentation design services

Your PowerPoint presentation can have different designs per slide and it will still look cohesive if it has the same set of fonts and icons. To get modern-looking, clean slides you need a wide variety of icons that will cover all the needs of your presentation design. To complement that, all you need is a bunch of fonts that will complete the whole look, making it look clean and crisp.

Use a distinct colour scheme and a bold type set

You don’t need different icons or elements to give out a professional presentation design agency feel. Sometimes all you need is a bold, enlarged font that’s set to the centre or the side as the heading and solid colour background.

Make use of line art

Illustrations when incorporated with a sense of creativity, can go a long way to make the entire presentation informal and give it a business casual feel. Such presentations make the audience more attentive and interested and allow the presentation designer to use his creativity.

Don’t be afraid to use colours

Bold colours define a presentation. The technique to using a wide range of colours is by shortening it to a colour palette, and using  analogous colours. If you’re using orange, different slides can have different combinations like red-orange, yellow-orange, peach-orange etc. You must keep in mind not to spread all your colours on one single page of your presentation. One to three colours throughout the PPT presentation design keeps the whole look together.

Choose colours according to your theme

If you aren’t required to make a presentation with the company colours then you have the creative liberty to run wild with colours. Choose colours according to your topic. For example, if your presentation is on topics related to love, power and passion then you can go with the colour red. Always remember to use a bold colour with a neutralizing colour like white or black.

Define your presentation goals

Before you go looking for the best Google slides and PowerPoint templates, make sure you list down what your goals are. Are you looking to educate, inform, inspire or entertain? Do you want to establish your brand in your chosen industry? Or do you wish to get more sales and leads? In the end, your goals will structure out the rest of your PPT presentation to achieve the goal.

Create an outline for your presentation

A well-structured PPT presentation template starts with an outline. When you create an outline you have the power to organize how the presentation will shape up and look like. The best thing about an outline is that it also works as the PowerPoint’s agenda. When you use an agenda slide, you bring your audience to the same level of understanding as yours. You can use this slide to summarise the whole presentation in one slide.

Choosing the right PowerPoint template for the presentation

Selecting the right template must be an easy task once you have identified the topics you’ll be covering and your overall presentation goal. Let’s look at a few PPT template options:

Timeline PowerPoint templates

Timeline infographics are versatile and widely used in every kind PPT presentation. These timelines are great for showcasing events that are placed chronologically- historical, current and future. Build your own planning and business infographics with a variety of timeline template

Information infographics templates

It’s not easy to showcase data in a visually compelling way. Most businesses want to communicate more with less and that’s where information infographics templates are useful. With them, you can make your content look clutter-free and clean. Information infographics templates include product roadmap template, executive summary template, product roadmap slide, business proposal template etc.

Process PPT templates

Process related PowerPoint presentation templates are great for showing a visual overview of your chosen steps. Process infographics templates usually follow a straightforward top-to-bottom or left-to-right flow approach. Some templates also make it easier to add a notes section so you can clarify steps as you go. Process PPT templates include project management template, diagram PPT templates, process flow templates, etc.

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