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Best Wall Paint Color Ideas For Living Room 2020

The right paint color can transform a room like nothing else. This simple principle is the backbone of the interior design. Every homeowner strives to choose the perfect colors for each part of the house as it can affect the mood of residents.

Paint color can add the illusion of space or make a room look much smaller than it actually is. Just like any other industry, some paint colors emerge as the top favorites for each year. Homeowners tend to add trendy colors in their homes for updated looks.

If you are looking for some color inspiration for your home this year, you are in the right place. Let us look at some of the best wall paint color ideas for 2020.

1. Navy Blue

Classic or navy blue is pooping as the favorite wall color for this year. There are numerous ways to add this bold yet sophisticated color to home décor. Adding an accent wall or using this is the cabinet color that can leave amazing impressions.

2. Pink Blush

One of the most popular colors for this year is none other than blush pink. This soft color is favorite among every generation. It would not be wrong to call it the interior design phenomenon.

It instills a modern and chic look to every room. It doesn’t have to splash all over the place but looks amazing when paired with white hues.

3. Dusty Teal

If you want to play safely without going over the board, request your painter for dusty teal. The color goes well with almost every kind of flooring and furniture. The light hues allow other elements of décor to catch the eye.

The elegant and classic background is favorite among home designers as it can pair well with a variety of other paint colors.

4. Black And White Contrasts

Black and white duo can never be out of style. This bold and empowering contrast looks best when used in patterns. The dynamic duo is known for its versatility. Other house décor items can add the required color pop. The intrigue and drama associated with the duo are unmatched.

5. Bold Monochromes

Pick your favorite bold monochrome and pair it with compatible neutral hues. Some of the popular bold monochromes are jewel tones. It does not have to be boring or intimidating as most of the dark colors are perceived to be.

If you are living in a smaller space, bold monochromes can add depth to the walls. It is suggested to discuss the right color tones for your unique abode with your interior painting company.

6. Earthy Tones

Cool tones have been in trend for a long time. It is the year to say goodbye and bring in some warm earthy tones.

7. Mango

The bold mango color is all about fun and creativity. It is highly popular for accent walls. Beware of adding too much as it can interfere with your energy levels.

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