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Best IVF Center In Rajasthan : Mishka IVF

The word pregnancy means a lot to a woman. After all, it is a part of a woman’s life where she needs complete supervision and cerebral care to make it accomplish. This is a time where she has to care extra for herself and the baby too. Becoming a mother is pure emotion. The love of a mother is eternal, and it can’t be express in words. But sometimes couples find it difficult, or they are facing many obstacles and complications to be parents. These difficulties may be infertility in both men and women, or it occurs because of differences in their ages or health issues like PCOD, PCOS, etc. Therefore, IVF treatment has brought limelight to the life of infertile couples.

As per inspection, the proportion of infertility is rising day by day, and because of this, the ratio of success rate is also increasing. Because of the infertility issues, IVF treatment has achieved lots of significance in this medical treatment. It helps many such couples who have a desire to have a baby. 

Now the medical specialist helps those couples through IVF treatment by using high-tech machines and equipment. Many of the centers/hospitals make it successful with positive results and success. And now people will search for the best IVF center in Rajasthan with all such points. 

So, now the question that arises is : 

Which is the best IVF center in Rajasthan? Looking down at the best IVF center in Rajasthan, Mishka IVF center has captured a lot of attention for its infertility treatments and the most reviewed Jaipur center for its IVF treatments.

Why opt for Mishka IVF center only as the best IVF center in Rajasthan?

Mishka IVF is the utmost believed test tube baby center in Jaipur and is well known as the prime IVF center in Jaipur. The center has grown so well in this field by healing down many pairs and accommodating optimal end products. And Mishka IVF is a well-developed structure with a safety and comfort zone for its patients. The center offers a lot of hope to the couples to have a perfect family. 

Mishka IVF is a dominant hospital for providing the premier IVF treatment in Jaipur. Certainly, the center uses all latest and updated high-tech machines and equipment for the procedure. 

On the other hand, the clinic has its grace of cost-effectiveness and time-consuming. Mishka IVF clinic now has a thriving and well-established center for IVF in Jaipur. And she is also known as a surrogacy center in Jaipur. 

Above all, Mishka IVF treats their patients with pleasant and supportive behavior who were in misery for many years due to this infertility problem. 

Best IVF center in Rajasthan

Facilities which Mishka IVF Provide 

Mishka IVF provides you with facilities where their patients need more demand, and the facilities are superb and remarkable. After that, the services they provide are for a 24/7 help center, all the IVF specialists under one roof, secondary fertility, and specialty care for pregnant women, etc. 

Profile Details of Doctor at Mishka IVF – Dr. Ruchi Bhandari 

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is the director of Mishka IVF center and runs the center with a great success rate and a positive attitude towards her staff and patients.

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

Education and qualifications 

The 2014 year – Ms: gynecology and obstetrics from the highly named institute, Bharti Vidhya pith, Pune.


Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is having six years of experience at Mishka IVF, and with a fantastic success rate. 

Medical registration number  

Her medical registration number is 36015.

Certifications and training 

In 2017, she did her fellowship in Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART), Mahatma Gandhi University.

Moreover, she also had her training in clinical embryology, Chennai Fertility Center, 63.and Research Institute.


She personalized in IUI authority, IVF expert, Infertility specialist (particular interest), IVF surgeon and specialist, ART expert, ICSI expert, fertility treatments, female fertility, male fertility, and secondary fertility.

Active membership

She has the following active memberships, and they are:

  • ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction),
  • FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India ), 
  • IFS (Member of Indian Fertility Society).


She won the Gold Medalist Award at University in MS ( OB/GY).

Working Party of Mishka IVF – Best IVF Center in Rajasthan 

The other members in teams of Mishka IVF, after the most leading doctor(Dr. Ruchi Bhandari), here comes the other doctors of Mishka IVF:-

  • Firstly, Dr. Jyotima Saxena (Consultant, Gynecology, Obstetrician, IVF Specialist), 
  • Secondly, Dr. Rekha Bhandari (Laparoscopic Surgeon), 
  • Thirdly, Dr. Mahi Khandelwal (Psychotherapist), and
  • Dr. Chirag Bhandari (MBBS-MS, Sexologist, and Andrologist) helps solve infertility problems in males.

Mishka IVF – Treatments 

The Mishka IVF pen down the list of treatments which they provide to their patients, and they are IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatments, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatments, Unfertilized eggs and sperms, Fertility preservation for cancer patients, Flexible office hysteroscopy, Frozen embryo transfer, Laparoscopic and Reanastomosis (tubal ligation reversal), etc. 

In addition too this, provide extra facilities like ovulation and hormonal analysis, 3D/4D ultrasound, tubal/pelvic evaluation, etc.

 Charges for the Treatments at Mishka IVF

The IVF treatments’ prices may depend on various components like prior medical history, height, choice of rooms, patients’ age, causes of infertility, and weight. The IVF procedure price is a little bit high compared to the IUI procedure. So, after  failing twice or thrice people used to go for the same IUI procedure only. 

The IUI treatment costs typically in the range of Rs. 15,000 to 20,000, and as IVF procedure is quite expensive, it costs under Rs. 1 Lakhs to 2 Lakhs (per cycle). IVF treatment is quite costly, but it is most successful and profitable among all infertility treatments. Meanwhile, Mishka IVF is the most influential center as the best IVF in Jaipur, and they too provide their couples with surrogacy treatment which costs around Rs. 1.20 Lakhs to 1.60 Lakhs.

Mishka IVF – Success Ratio

The best IVF center in Rajasthan: Mishka IVF has a splendid success ratio with a successful pregnancy for the whole period of 9 months. On the other side, the success ratio mainly affected or say depends on the factors like patient’s age, weight, height, infertility causes, and previous miscarriages. 

Moreover, it says that women should visit the gynecologist or Mishka IVF center at the age of 35 years or above this for a successful and healthy pregnancy. 

The Area where Mishka IVF is centered

Mishka IVF’s center point location in the district’s conspicuous area can typically reach easily and consult with the doctor about their problems. And the clinic’s location is 138-A, Vasundhara Colony, Gopalpura Bypass Road, Tonk Pathak, Jaipur. Moreover, the clinic provides a separate parlor for their patients who are holding out for their appointments. Most importantly, Mishka IVF center’s environment – the best IVF center in Rajasthan is very excellent, and the staff members, including the workers, are truly unique. 

Location of Mishka IVF center

Keynote of the Blog 

In short, the above blog gives you complete knowledge of the best IVF center in Rajasthan. And the blogs introduce you to Mishka IVF, which is the most-centered clinic for IVF treatments. Many pairs who have such problems also wish to have a family, and the IVF procedure brings out the hopes in them, and through IVF specialists, they carry out one’s prayer. Hence, Mishka IVF center is the prominent and elite IVF center in Jaipur.

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