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Best Cities To Visit In Europe In 2022

We all might know at least one person who gave up his job and everything to explore the world. Some call them crazy, while we believe they are brave. So if you are brave enough to go on a long trip across the world, then let us take you around the most visited and the most beautiful continent first. 


Europe! Yes, you guessed it right. A place with more than 800 cities, where every city has its own story,. It can be daunting to even think about deciding which cities you want to explore. This is what we are here for. 


We have prepared a list of the ten best places to visit in Europe in 2022. These cities have history, heritage, adventure, beauty, love, and a lot of places that will leave you awe-struck! 


Let’s not waste any more time and dive into it. 

10 Best Cities To Visit In Europe In 2022

Let us explore these cities one by one.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital city of Slovenia is a city for curious minds and adventure seekers. Ljubljana is a city that awaits its guests with a lot of entertainment, culture, art, luscious greenery, and a lot more. This city is lined up with cultural sites, cuisines, bars, and rich heritage. So without further ado, get your Frontier Airlines booking and start your exploration soon!

Marbella, Spain

Spain itself is a beautiful country to visit, but when we talk about specifics, Marbella has to be the first stop. Voted as the best city to visit in Europe 2022, this city has all the reasons to be on top. For people who are looking for a place that is calm, gorgeous, and best for shopping, Marbella is there for all your needs. Luxurious hotels, Michelin star restaurants, gorgeous beaches, and sports paradise is what Mabella, in a single statement, is. 

Amiens, France

If you want a little time away from the noisy cities and want to go someplace that is closer to nature, then head to Amiens in France. This city is more about its beautiful canals and gardens. Amiens is the only city with three of its tourist destinations listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Furthermore, this city in France has been listed on the fourth slot being the greenest city in the country. So you get the point, right? Here, you get a lot of exploring while staying closer to natural beauty. 

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The oldest city that Europe inhabited and is the world’s most ancient city, Plovdiv is a lot more about the history and architecture that stands proudly on its grounds. With a culture so rich, the city has won many awards and recognitions. If you are on this trip to dig deep into the history of the country, visit the various museums and historical sites that are spread throughout the city. You can also catch a glimpse of ancient art while you are exploring Plovdiv. 

Leuven, Belgium

To get the taste of most originated food dishes, you have to take a trip to Leuven in Belgium. Out of so many other things, the city is mostly famous for its gastronomy. In addition to that, this city is a heaven on Earth for all shopaholic guests. You can grab the best art pieces, authentic food, and freshly brewed beer while you are in the city. This land of gastronomy and beer is also known for its amazing chocolate. So, you know, hurry up!

Oradea, Romania

One of the prettiest cities in Romania, Oradea, will make you fall in love at first sight. This vibrant, colorful, and exciting city is a great stop to calm your nerves and catch a breath. The architectural wonders of the city will make you feel like you have time-traveled to some old royal city. While you are here, make sure you attend a few of its year-long events. Ordada events are a big deal in the country. 

London, UK

Come on. We don’t think we have to say much about London. It has to be one of your halts when you are exploring Europe. The city of lights, fun, thrill, excitement, love, beauty, and art, London is one of the most visited cities in the UK. From Madame Tussauds museum to Big Ben,  from its flea markets to many bakeries and restaurants, everything in London is just the right amount of perfect! This city is rich in culture and perfect for a family trip. 

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Again, the oldest, the greatest. Nijmegen is a city that has been in existence for the longest time with so much to offer and so much to tell its visitors. However, the city is mostly loved by the youth. The majority of the crowd here is students. You also have to try the delicious, finger-licking food the city has to offer. Nijmegen is known for its culture, beauty, neighborhood, and a lot more. 

Lahti Region – Finland

Finland is all about its 1,88,000 lakes and the cleanest water. Lahti region is a getaway to the same. Here in this region, you will encounter nature at its best. With so many clean lakes, you can spend amazing time out at the shores while sipping onto your favorite drink. In fact, you can also take a dip into these lakes. Don’t forget to carry your camera along with you because this city has the most jaw-dropping beautiful backdrop. 

Istanbul, Turkey

If you want to see how a city can develop and how its culture and tradition can diversify with time, you must give a call on Frontier Airlines en español helpdesk and get yourself flight bookings to Istanbul. The city is lined up with some fascinating architectural sites for you to explore. Make sure you explore the museums in the city to catch a glimpse of a huge collection of European history. 



Europe is not at all a small place. It might take someone more than a lifetime to explore each part of it at its best. This is why we have provided you with this list of the top 10 cities that you must take a trip to. 


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