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 Best Car Brands in Nepal

Despite not having a very big market for cars, Nepal has produced some of the best car brands in its history. It may even be argued that Nepali car brands are better than other countries’ car brands.

This is because many car manufacturers have emerged from time to time and every few years there has been at least one brand that has made an impact on people’s lives.

There are several factors that contribute to the success of any automobile company including creativity, innovation, technology, design, etc.; but two incredibly important factors are the availability of resources and economical price.

Availability of resources proves vital for companies as they need them to manufacture quality vehicles; whereas economical price attracts more customers who look forward to purchasing low-cost vehicles with high features. The following list consists of the best and most successful car brands in Nepal:

1. Toyota

Toyota is a renowned brand that has been around for a long time. It is one of the leading names in the automotive industry across the world with over 200 countries as its customers.

Furthermore, Toyotas are known to be better built, more fuel-efficient, and have a reputation for lasting longer than most other cars. With a huge workforce that exceeds 400,000 employees worldwide. Similarly, Toyota has set standards in car manufacturing not just in Nepal but also throughout the world.

Toyota is considered by automobile experts as being an elite car company. Because it has maintained high standards of service and excellence since its inception.

The company operates on three core principles: “continual improvement”, “never satisfied” and “respect”. In terms of sales per year, Toyota is ranked among the top 10 carmakers in Nepal which goes on to prove the popularity of the brand.

The company has recently introduced its latest model, Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8L M/T in the Nepali market. Its authorized distributor is Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd at a starting price of Rs 864,000.

2. Nissan

Nissan was originally known as DATSUN and it has been in existence ever since the early 20th century when cars were just becoming popular.

As one of Japan’s most successful vehicle manufacturers, Nissan produces quality products. They are well-known worldwide for their performance and style. The company offers an extensive line of passenger cars and commercial vehicles catering to customers from over 200 countries and regions.

As a company, Nissan is known for its outstanding customer service and it continues to ensure the complete satisfaction of customers in Nepal as well. Earlier last year, Nissan introduced the mid-size SUV Terrano through Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd. The affordable prices ranging from Rs 973,000 to 1,791,000.

3. Honda

Honda has been one of the leading car manufacturers throughout Asia and their cars have a reputation of being best in class.

It is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which was established on 24th September 1948 with an aim to develop high-quality automobiles. Similarly, it would deliver superior performance and offer value for money. They have become Japan’s biggest motorcycle maker with estimated global sales of more than 18 million units per year.

Honda has built a strong customer base in Nepal as well, earning its place among the top-selling brands in the country.

For example, Honda introduced its all-new variant of the Amaze compact sedan last year through Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd. It’s an affordable price range of Rs 565,000 to Rs 862,000. The car is now one of the most sought-after mid-size sedans that are available in the Nepali market today.

4. Toyota Camry

Camry is a world-renowned product range manufactured by Japanese automobile company Toyota since 1982. The word “Camry” itself derives from the Japanese phrase kanmuri (冠?) which means crowncoronet/royalty.

Camry is available in Nepal through Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd at a price range of Rs 668,000 to Rs 1.5 million for its latest model, Toyota Camry 2.4 G A/T. It comes with ABS, EBD, and dual airbags as standard features.

Similarly, Camry is the most successful model that has been launched by Toyota so far in Nepal.

It delivers good performance and fuel economy while offering comfort to passengers on long drives. Most importantly, it does not require much maintenance costs either which makes it popular among car owners across the country.

5. Audi

Initially known as Auto Union AG when it was established back in 1932 in Germany. It has become one of the most successful brands in the world that are known for its high standard of automobiles.

Audi has now emerged as a manufacturer of premium cars, SUV’s and sports cars which are sold by franchised dealers throughout Nepal.

Audi introduced its all-new variant of Q5 2.0 TFSI M/T through Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd at Rs 3.20 million. The car comes with features like 20″ alloy rims, leather seats, sunroof, and electric memory front driver seat. It makes it stand out against other models that are available in the market today.

6. BMW

BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG was originally founded back in 1916 under the name Rapp Motorenwerke. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, it is now one of the best-selling premium car manufacturers in the world. And, prides itself on manufacturing high-quality luxury cars that are reliable as well as safe to drive on roads across the globe.

BMW is available at Himalayan Motors Pvt Ltd for Rs 1.8 million to Rs 3 million for its latest models, BMW series 2 F32 M/T, BMW series 2 F33 A/T, and BMW series 2 F36 T/A (Coupe).

All these models come with amenities like leather seats, sunroof, and advanced security systems which make them a wise decision both from business and personal use perspectives alike.


Jeep is an American automobile manufacturer that has become famous around the world for producing high-quality off-road vehicles. They are known for their superior performance on all types of terrains which makes them unique in the automobile industry.


There are countless other options for car buyers around the country to choose from. However, if you are looking to invest in a luxury or sports car that has all the amenities you would need on a daily basis, then the cars mentioned above are some of the best options available today.

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