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Best apps to earn money in 2022

There are various applications that you can install and start earning money but not all these applications work perfectly and give you good returns.

Most of the applications or useless and do not provide any rewards to their users. That’s why it’s important for you to select the right Paytm application.

Well in this blog post we will look at some of the best apps to earn money that you can install and start earning money.

Most of the applications in this list are you going to be free.

10 Best apps to earn money in 2022


Fiverr is a great application for freelancers if you also want to become a freelancer and earn money then Fiverr can be a great place.

You can create your profile on fiber for free and post your services. People who will be interested in your services will message you and then you can charge them according to your services.

It takes some time to become a professional freelancer so you have to have patience and you have to complete some projects before you get some reviews and then you will find a good client.

 One code

One code is one of the best apps to earn Paytm cash and especially for those people who want to earn money from affiliate marketing.

On one good application, you will find different financial services that you can refer to your friends family, members or if you have a blog or a YouTube channel where you have a good audience you can refer these services to such people.

In order to earn a good amount of money from one code, you need some audience and once you have earned money on one code your money will be transferred into your Paytm wallet.

If you are interested in knowing about more apps like this then you can check the website

 WinZo app

If you are someone who likes to play games and want to earn money by playing games then Winzo can be a very good application.

With the WINZO app, you can play different games such as racing games, quiz games, guessing games, and win money.

This application is free to use and very simple to understand people  are already earning money with this application


Kite is an application from Zerodha where people can buy and sell stocks. If you have some knowledge about the stock market then again this can be a good application for earning money by trading stocks

stock market needed some prior knowledge before anyone can invest in this market. So if you want to earn money from the stock market then you better first understand and learn this market and you can do that by watching videos on YouTube.

Once you have good knowledge about this market you can buy and sell stocks and you can earn money.


Meesho Is a drop shipping platform why are people drop ship products to their customers and in return take some percentage of the Commission.

If I put it simply dropshipping means selling products to your customers that you do not own. You have a supplier who directly ships the product to your customer and your only job is to promote these products and find customers.

If this idea sounds great to you then you can also do dropshipping on Meesho.

You can find different types of products on this platform and according to your skills, you can select a product that you think you can promote and get good sales. Meesho Has various alternatives such as Glowroad and Shopify

Amazon affiliate

If you are good at writing reviews about products or if you can create a video regarding a product and review products on videos.

Then you can start with Amazon affiliate, with Amazon affiliate you can promote Amazon products on your website or on your YouTube videos, and whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases from your link you will get a percentage commissions on your sales.

Amazon affiliate is one of the best apps to earn money, especially for beginners who do not have enough knowledge about making money online.


Views points is a survey application, While they reward their users for providing answers to different surveys.

Your answers are used to make products better so when using this application if you want to earn money you have to give good reviews and viewpoints during the survey


Freelancer is also a good application for freelancers. You can post your gig or service on their platform and mention your price.

If a buyer finds your gig interesting or someone needs your services they can approach you on freelancer and you can provide them your services and charge them money.

Freelancer is the same as Fiverr But the only difference is that freelancer has low competition and it can be a very good place for beginner freelancer. You just have to create a very good profile and list your service in a very professional way.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application from Google where they pay you some amount of money for every survey that you complete.

Whatever survey you get in this application you have to make sure that you give positive reviews because if Google finds out that your review is not honest they may not pay you the money for the survey.  Once you have earned money from Google Opinion Rewards you can use them in your play store.

The surveys on Google Opinion Rewards comes once in a month so it’s not the most reliable application to earn money but still, it pays a good amount of money once you have completed the survey


With Frizza app, Anyone can earn money from home. in this application, you have to complete various tasks such as downloading various apps watching ads, and much more.

You will new tasks saily on this application which means you have the opportunity to earn daily from this application

This is a very simple application for earning money and everyone should try it. You can download this application free from Google Play and start using this right away.


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