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Bed Screens and Curtains – When Must They Be Changed?


There are many times when bed screens and curtains must be changed. That is true if you have pets or small children who like to curl up in their pillows at night. Before you start worrying, take a look at some of the tips below.

  •       Because of Clothes and Pillows: 

These days, most people leave the curtains open during the day when they are at work. That means that their pillows and blankets get stuck on the sides and bottom of the curtains and can be very difficult to remove. That makes it harder to keep your house clean, but it keeps your kids from falling asleep in their beds.

If you have bed curtains that have opened for a long time, they may need to cleanout. For most curtains, you may want to leave them in place if there are no large spills. Otherwise, the allergens will attract dirt, dust, and other irritants.

  •       Bathroom Clothes: 

People with allergies or respiratory problems should ensure that their curtains and screens cleaned regularly. They may also want to wash their bedding as soon as possible after a bath or shower. If you don’t do this, then the germs in the fabric will build up, and you could have a severe allergic reaction.

You may also want to leave the curtains closed to avoid accidents. While this may prevent the occasional mishap, it can cause breathing problems if they stay open for an extended period. Therefore, you should change these every two months.

  •       Pets and Kids: 

Dog hair, toy, and stuffed animals can get trapped in the curtains. These items are small enough to get caught on the closing mechanisms, so you should get rid of them immediately. Besides that, they can get into your children’s mouths, which can be harmful if they chew on the curtains.

  •       Fleeing the Cold: 

If the weather is really cold, you should change the curtains before the weather gets worse. In the winter, they can have significant gaps, and you will not be able to see very well.

It is important to remember that your curtains and screens should not open when it is raining. The rain will be too light to get in, and you will not be able to see very well either. That is especially true in rooms with hardwood floors.

  •       Special Items: 

Some people like to have their curtains and screens custom made. It makes a difference in terms of design and style. If you are interested in making your pieces, you should contact a professional company.

People who like to use the curtains and screens for special occasions like a Christmas tree, birthday party, or getting married might want to get them embroidered with their names, dates, and words of the wedding ceremony. It will give your home an elegant look.

  •       Keeping Your Clothes in the Curtains: 

If you put off cleaning your curtains, they will quickly become dirty. That is true even if you put off changing the sheets and pillowcases. You can quickly get two layers of dirt on your pillows or bedding.

If you always forget to clean your curtains, they may need to replaced sooner rather than later. It may be more affordable to purchase new curtains than it would be to have to replace them then.

  •     Order from manufacture 

The most common way to purchase blinds and screens is to order them from a manufacturer. The most common problem with purchasing these items in this way is that it often means that you end up with inferior quality products.

If you only want to change the blinds and the screens that are already in your room, it’s essential to understand what you’re after. For example, if you have two small children, you may not want to spend too much money on new curtains and screens for your room.

You will, therefore, be better off to go online and search for blinds and screens specially designed to use in this type of room. That will mean that you will also find curtains and filters designed for your requirements.

Some people have space issues. In these cases, buying the blinds and the screens separately may make more sense. offers cheaper options if you buy them individually rather than all at once.

Some people who need to buy new blinds and screens may consider acquiring them online. However, it is essential to understand that the price is likely to be higher and that you may not find as many products in stock as if you bought them from a store.

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