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Barcode Inventory Systems For Small Businesses In USA

Whether large or small, most e-commerce Barcode Inventory System for Small Business have inventory to manage. New technology has made barcode systems even easier to install and use.

At Scout, we are committed to creating efficient systems Barcode Inventory System for Small Business that help your business provide better service to your customers. That’s why we’ve created topShelf – the best barcode inventory system for any business.

We’ve combined the convenience of a smartphone with barcode inventory to make Barcode Inventory System for Small Business more affordable. This makes our system particularly easy to integrate into smaller businesses, which sometimes have lower profits and fewer resources.

What is a barcode inventory system?


What is a barcode inventory system and what does it mean for your business? Isn’t it similar to what is used in grocery stores? Well, yes, it’s very similar to the barcode system that grocery stores use to locate, stock and price products.

For small businesses, the difference is not in the system but in the expected results. Even if you can still track inventory, your goal is not to know the price. Rather, it is about knowing where the products are located and how much of that product is available in your warehouse. Just like in a grocery store, products have an assigned location in your warehouse. This makes it easy to access and find when you place an order online for picking and delivery Barcode Inventory System for Small Business .

What does a good system offer?

A good barcode inventory system allows you to do several different things. Your small business may not need all of these features at this stage. However, as your business grows, you may want to consider using some of these features to make your business more useful. Here are some of the features Barcode Inventory System for Small Business .

Print and scan barcodes

With a good software system, you can do even the simplest tasks more efficiently, such as printing and scanning barcodes.

Shipping, receiving and storage

When delivering, receiving and counting stock, it’s important that the system can keep track of what’s coming into and going out of the warehouse and what’s still in storage. This information should be easily accessible and organised.

Order management

Automated order management frees up your time. When a shipping order is placed, you will be notified and know exactly where in the warehouse the product is located. Once the product is located and packaged, the software should be able to update your system and notify the customer when the order has been shipped.
Track products in stock at multiple locations

If your business has grown to multiple locations, you should be able to integrate and manage stock across all locations. A good system will keep stock levels up to date across all platforms and allow you to manage orders and shipments.

Integrate with your accounting system

Each of these tools can help streamline your small business or warehouse operations. Some of the obvious benefits of integrating your warehouse and barcode system are reflected in the time you spend on inventory management. The less time you have to spend on inventory management, the more time you can focus on your products and growing your business.

Types of barcode inventory systems

There are different types of barcode systems. They differ in their ability to scan different objects and in the amount of data stored in each barcode. For example, one-dimensional barcodes, such as those on clothing labels, only store the product name and description.

2D barcodes are an example of a 2D system. 2D is a big step up from 1D and can sometimes contain up to 100 different data points, such as images, recordings and web addresses.

Depending on whether you need more detailed information, any of these options may suit your needs. Within these two umbrellas, 1D and 2D, there are variations that can have different sizes and different numbers of data points. For a more detailed explanation of what a barcode is and where to find it, click here.

Tools for the barcode inventory system

Once you have decided which type of barcode is right for your warehouse or business, you need to get the right tools for the job. Scout offers a barcode system that can be operated entirely with a smart device equipped with a camera. That’s right, all you need is a trusty iPhone.If you want a tool specifically for inventory management, we’re ready to provide that too!

Another tool you need is a barcode printer. Our system works with any Zebra printer. Find the right printer for you and the type of barcode you want to print on Amazon. Then you can start printing and tracking your stock with barcodes.

Your data is safe

One of the questions our customers often ask is whether their data is safe. Our answer to these questions is always: your data is completely safe. You don’t have to worry about our systems and databases at all. We have a dedicated team of engineers who work hard to keep our security features up to date and ready to handle your daily workload.

Whether you use our system to integrate Salesforce, Shopify or accounting software like Quickbooks, your security is our top priority.

How to choose the right software company for your business?

Choosing the right software company can be difficult. You may not think that the company you work with affects your day-to-day operations, but it does and will in the future. If you are just starting to use software in your warehouse or business, you should consider working with a company like Scout.

Scout offers free support to our customers and will help you get your system up and running. This can be a great resource for your business when you are working through the problems of getting a new program up and running.

Contact Scout today to find the right barcode inventory system for your warehouse or small business.

Why mobile inventory solutions are important

Mobile inventory solutions enable a more integrated and streamlined process for inventory management. Our inventory management solution, top Shelf, can be accessed from a mobile device or smartphone.

Why is this important? This is how top Shelf can facilitate inventory management with our mobile interface.

You can download our mobile interface (top Shelf works on any Android, iPhone or Windows CE device) from Google Play or iTunes and it is very easy to deploy.

With the ability to scan Warehouse Management System for Small Business on a mobile device. It’s easier for warehouse staff to receive, pick, pack and ship orders.

Printing is also easier, as you can print barcodes for parts, bins or other assets to any Zebra Ethernet printer.

The mobile interface also features cycle counting, so you can keep track of your valuable inventory at all times.

Manage the day-to-day operations of your inventory on your mobile device. Giving you complete control even when you’re not at your computer.


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