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Atlanta Trip: TOP 5 Weird Places To See

 Atlanta is a huge city, home to more than 500 000 people, and the best-visited tourist platform. The world’s busiest airport is situated right here, in Georgia’s capital city. This is a place where you can start your journey in search of unique attractions, great food, world-class museums, and other entertainment. To make your trip even better, you can find a special service, helping to rent exotic cars in Atlanta airport. That’s so convenient! Grab a tourist program from the agency and drive to see the World of Coca-Cola first of all. Remember, there are many more interesting places in Atlanta you should visit to maximize your adventure. Here is a list of the most unusual things to do.

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Funniest places in Atlanta you should see

  1. Go to see the Krog Street tunnel

This tunnel is an underground platform for graffiti works. It is not a secret that you will find thousands of street artworks on most of urban tunnels . But this one differs from others. You can hardly find at least an inch of unpainted space in it. The tunnel was built to connect Cabbagetown and Inman Park. These places are both attractive for tourists who are looking for a peaceful ride. The first graffiti appeared in 1960 and continues to these days. 

The street tunnel has become a popular tourist place. The concerts and festivals often happen here. How to find an inch of free space for a new picture? You have to cover up old work and build on top of existing art. The tunnel is protected by locals and serves as the biggest message board in the state.

  1. Go to see Doll’s Head trail

To learn the most interesting places in Atlanta you have to rent a car. It is impossible to get from one place to another and see everything that is interesting for a short space of time. Try rent a car app to save some time and spend it observing neighborhoods. Also, remember that Atlanta is full of unusual art objects. So, drive your car a few miles from the main city to see the craziest collection of dolls. Joel Slaton was the first who created something interesting made of doll parts. Now, you as a visitor can create something and leave it as a souvenir.

You can see hundreds of doll heads, hands, legs. Also, you may use many other creative resources like old bricks, bottles, textiles. What is the idea of such a weird outdoor museum? Remember, if you are going to create and art here, the components you may use can be found right here, in the park. This is how they claim visitors to clean nature.

Doll's Head Trail, Atlanta

  1. Visit Atlanta Glass Tree House

Everyone dreams to have a house in a tree. Here, in Atlanta, you have a chance to see a modern architectural wonder. However, the house is not a half-ruined hut, hidden in a wood. This building is made of glass and placed in a beautiful grove not far from Ormewood Park. Just compare this treehouse with the treehouses you used to meet in the films. It can boast its modern architecture and slight design. What is more, you can hardly notice it from the ground, except for the winter season. The house has two floors and is made of mostly recycled materials. In the summer season you can have an opportunity to rent a room in a treehouse and stay there for a night.

  1. Go to see Westview Cemetery

It’s weird to say but welcome to the largest cemetery in the American South. If you are fond of history and like visiting old places, you are in the right place. Drive your rental car to the Westview Cemetery. The territory occupies about 600 acres of green land and contains more than 100 000 buried bodies with many popular characters among them.

The cemetery territory is well cared and you can see accurate graves, beautiful obelisks, fountains, and vaults. The chapel is decorated with old mosaic and inspiring mausoleums. It looks like you are walking somewhere in the past.

Westview Abbey - Westview Cemetery - Atlanta, Georgia


  1. Visit Junkman’s Daughter

If you like shopping you should leave some free hours for shopping for some weird stuff. So, just rent a car and go to Junkman’s Daughter. This shop sells many vintage things, including unique clothing and all sorts of jewelry. You’ll never miss this place as it is decorated with interesting murals, designed by a tattoo artist. Honestly, this is a unique shop where you can find everything strange and unlike others. The street is full of restaurants and cafes and considered to be a center of alternative culture in Atlanta. 


If you suddenly feel hungry, just park your car not far from Junkman’s daughter and go to find Savage pizza. This little restaurant serves the best pizza in Atlanta. To sum up, This fun and colorful place will be the best end of your touristic evening. 


It is best to go for a walk in remote areas of the city or ethnic quarters in a large company or accompanied by a guide with an excursion group. You should not take cash with you for a walk and don’t wear jewelry. Also, I don’t recommend using the services of illegal taxis; inexperienced tourists can easily become victims of scammers and robbers. Also, do not appear on the street drunk, this will cause bewilderment among local residents and may lead to the imposition of a large fine.

All kinds of protest actions and companies are often held in the city. Tourists can also take part in some of them (for example, in actions promoting animal welfare or smoking cessation). In the event of pickets on political or racial issues, visitors should not interfere. For those who are visiting the city for the first time, it is best to purchase a map showing public transport routes. The layout of the city is rather complicated, so it can be difficult to find this or that museum or shop without a map while walking.

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