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In the modern era of technology, there is more traffic in online shops than in physical shops. Every kind of business is trying to attract customers through online selling. Competition has increased more in the digital world as compared to traditional markets. Even small startups are hiring marketers with digital skills to increase their online sales. It is the top demanding online skill. Internet Marketing is not just about increasing online sales; it is about building an online reputation of the brand. Online Digital Marketing Courses involve things like SEO, online customer psychology, promotion of products, etc.

If you are confused about how to learn these skills, we have researched for you, read the blog carefully, and selected the course according to your ease. Remember, this is a detailed analysis, you need to find the course which suits you, keeping in mind your time availability, pocket size, and level of learning. These online classes are listed based on financial affordability, schedule flexibility, and market value. What is your knowledge if you don’t put it to practice, if you don’t practice what you learn you wouldn’t be able to understand what is it all for!
Let us study the details of the 10 best online classes; so that, you can find a suitable method for yourself:

Online Marketing Class by Google ( Free with Certification)

Google offers this easy and simple to learn online class for students and small business owners. This class is simple as it is divided into several sections, that is the step-by-step guide on how to establish an online business this online Google class will not cost you any penny with a worldwide accredited certificate which will make your LinkedIn profile look great. The same is the case with digital marketing learning if you have the knowledge and you don’t practice you won’t learn anything no matter how many times you learn that same thing you will always forget

SEMrush Marketing Toolkit Class

This online class will teach you how to create the best marketing content for the web and is the best available course on the web of its kind. You might be thinking why are we calling it the best? The reason is that this module includes most of the basic web marketing concepts like selling through Emails, social platforms. Moreover, the modules are taught by experts with practically applicable scenarios.
You can take this class with no fee with an online certificate.

Marketing Class by Hub spot (No Fee)

Unlike other online teaching courses, Hubspot provides a list of freely available modules covering all the aspects of Web Marketing in detail. You can choose the topic of your requirement and start learning whenever you want. The most special thing about Hubspot is that you can learn modern marketing concepts from the web experts like Sujan Patel.
The class is available for everyone for 0$.

Copy Blogger Web Marketing Sessions (No Fee)

Copy Blogger Marketing class is an online module that teaches content writing for all levels of learners. Making engaging ads, blogs, and landing pages is a necessary part of a good web marketer. The methodology of this platform is a bit different and conventional yet liked by some students; they send all the study materials to your email after you register on the website.

Optinmonster Online Marketing Course (No Fee)

Optinmonster has designed multiple modules that cover a bit different and difficult topics like funnel conversions. It is beneficial for small businesses in increasing their conversions that is the ultimate goal of an online business. This platform charge no money for all levels of digital marketers.

Marketing on Online Social Platforms for small businesses

LinkedIn offers these short small online modules highly recommended for startups. Although it is not more than 90 minutes long module, it covers very important topics like plan designing for online social platforms.
This course is going to cost you some amount of money but you can do a trick and get it in a free trial.

Online Branding and Engagement (No Fee)

Web Branding and Engagement is a series of 5 modules provided by edX. These modules are best for those who want to learn web marketing tactics, especially for online social platforms. These modules help you learn effective web communication and compelling content writing. These business communication skills will make you a good web marketing manager. This platform gives you freedom and you can make your schedule.

Facebook Blueprint (Free)

Facebook Blueprint offers +75 courses that will make you a master of online marketing tactics for Facebook and Instagram. Their users are in millions and there is a huge amount of trade taking place through facebook that no marketer or business can ignore this service. This module will enable you to earn through Facebook by establishing your business or running someone else’s.

Wordstream PPC University (Free)

PPC University provides multiple quick online marketing sessions, simple to learn and practice. They offer basic to expert levels of training. This free module teaches you how to run online ads and much more.

Online Marketing Strategies by UOI (Free)

We highly recommend this 16-hour course to online marketing students if they want to excel in this field because these modules explain what others do not. What is that thing? It is advertisement through videos, video ads grab more customers and need more expertise.

Web Marketing Modules by Udacit: (Not Free)

If you have made it so far then you have learned about the important online available marketing classes. At the start, if you remember we talked about the 10 courses but we are sharing this bonus course because it is a complete package. Anyone, who wants to pursue web marketing as a career must take this course if can afford it ($ 400 each month).

We highly emphasize the SEO training course because it is a single course and a complete guideline as it contains all the topics discussed above. Moreover, this platform provides you mentorship of experts who will guide you on each step.

We hope that we can guide you to select the best-personalized marketing course available on the web. We wish you a happy learning.


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