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All about Fasteners | Common types of Fastener

A fastener is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. They are said to be the most important part of any product. An object is only as strong as its weakest link and without fasteners, we would not have any products at all. The manufacturing of fasteners requires the expertise of engineers, technicians and manufacturers. There are many types of fasteners produced by fastener manufacturing companies in India like Bhalla fasteners.

Why are fastener needed?

Fasteners are used to hold materials together. They are required in a wide range of industries, from car manufacturing to furniture production. Fasteners are designed to engage the material surfaces, either by screwing or threading, or by gluing or welding them together.

Fasteners are used in different industries and the strongest fasteners are industrial bolts. Industrial bolts are strong because they have greater tensile strength than most other fastening devices. They can be considered as “heavy duty” fasteners.

Types of Fastener

There are many different types of fasteners each having different characteristics that make them suitable for use across a wide range of applications such as Anti-theft bolts, coil bolts, rash barrier bolts, star washers, center bolts, dual nuts, coupling nuts, banjo bolts, T nut bolts, DTI washers, Hub bolts, Pal Nuts, Hex nuts , High tensile fasteners,etcThe fastener industry offers a range of products including screws, nuts and bolts. The global market for fasteners is largely dominated by Asia-Pacific countries.


Fastener are of different types and have their own applications.

It is important to know the differences of these types and how they can be used in a given situation. Overall, if we see fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints so that joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components.

  1. Nails one of the easiest fasteners used to affix pieces of wood intact.
  2. Screws -Screws are one of the excellent ways of fastening. In addition to this, screws are stronger than nails which ease the removing of these fasteners
  3. Bolts Bolts come with components like nuts and washers (being a support) enable better bonding while the objects are fastened
  4. Clamps Clamps are the best fasteners available for fastening objects only for a limited period of time without causing damage to the object while it is unfastened.
  5. Tapping screws These are fasteners that enable quick installation which create a mating thread when fastened into a performed hole of the object. This process is known as thread forming. The installation is quick tapping screws does not employ buts for fastening.
  6. Set Screws : are used hold intact pulleys, collars, gears with a shaft. These type of fasteners are available in various heads and points styles.
  7. Studs are headless fasteners which are threaded externally. One end of the fastener is connected with a tapped part while the other end meets with a standard nut. The forms of bolt and screw heads vary with the usage of the fastener. Some of the different forms in terms of shape include: Bolt Heads – square, eye-shaped, hexagonal etc., Screw heads – Button head, counter sunk, hexagonal, etc.,


What materials are used by fastener Manufacturing Company?

Fastener materials vary according to the application. Steel is commonly used for small screws and nuts, while brass is often stamped into shapes for use as rivets or washers which work well on softer metals like aluminum. In order to increase corrosion resistance Special coatings are done. There are many different types of fastener materials available on the market today that suit different applications and industries

Among the top 10 fasteners manufacturers in India, the most prominent are Bhalla Fasteners, Kalyani Bharat Forge Ltd, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Bajaj Auto Ltd, McLeod Russel Typically Used Steel with which these bolts are manufactured is of higher quality, which makes them stronger than other types of fasteners.


Fasteners are essential components in industrial machinery, providing the means to securely join two or more parts together. They come in various shapes and sizes, but generally fall into one of three categories: screw-type, nut-and-bolt type, and rivet type.Fastener manufacturing company works on new designs for screws, nuts and bolts to meet the ever-changing needs of industrial customers around the world. If you are looking for fastener, Bhalla Fasteners is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners in India of a wide range of nuts and bolts, metal screws, machine tools, pipes of the highest quality. Bhalla fasteners are serving the fastener industry from past 35 years.

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