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A Unique Way to Use Immune System

The Best Guidance For Immune System You've Ever Heard

How Immune System Work

The immune system is a complex action of certain cells and organs that protect the body from harmful effects on the body and prevent the deterioration of human health. It serves to completely destroy microbes, bacteria, and viruses, which are the causes of various diseases.

It often happens that the immunity weakens for various reasons. Then people get susceptible to colds, numerous ailments, allergic reactions. Even the appearance of autoimmune diseases.

Vitamins are something your body needs most to stay healthy. Those that strengthen the immune function of your body and fight against the decline of immunity. They can help the body fight inflammation and infections.

You can unconsciously take them every day, in smaller or larger quantities. The more adequately you will be able to help your body and immune system.

They are recognized for their ability to resist unwanted microorganisms. Diseases that are their consequences, or for their beneficial effect on immunity – the body’s defense mechanism.

Although there is a wealth of research on how immune vitamins affect it and all speak in favor of a beneficial effect, there are not enough who deal with the role of individual vitamins to boost immunity. Vitamins for immunity have considered the factors that affect good general health.

The fact is that vitamins have a great and indisputable effect on immunity. They are great for strengthening it.


A guide through the world of vitamins

The idea that vitamins have a beneficial effect on strengthening immunity has long been scientifically confirmed.  To process all useful vitamins as a story for yourself.

A 2007 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition1 found that micronutrients boost the body’s natural immunity at three different levels: the physical barrier (skin and mucous membranes), cellular immunity, and antibody production.

Harmful substances, free radicals, penetrate the human body and disrupt its normal functioning. They cause damage to healthy cells, create dangerous chain reactions and create physical and mental irregularities in the body.

It is necessary to have the necessary defense mechanism – strong enough immunity to prevent the action of free radicals. For that, there is a high risk of disease. Vitamin intake reduces the damage caused by the action of various microbes and helps to restore a weakened immune system.

Some of them have become popular as the best for raising and strengthening immunity. Judging by the experiences of people who care about the strength of their immunity – their increased intake really gives results!


The best vitamins for immunity for adults

Foods with fewer nutrients lead to weakness of the body. Various scientific studies have shown it. The main elements on which the immune system seems to depend;

  • iron
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • folic acid
  • copper.

However, the immune function also weakens due to the lack of antioxidants, i.e. vitamins, when the body does not get enough of the following vitamins: vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C, vitamin B (vitamin complex), vitamin E, vitamin D.

You can find all these vitamins in fruits and vegetables. Those are yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue. Some examples of fruits and vegetable apples, citrus fruits, kiwis, grapes, blueberries and other berries, onions, carrots, etc.

It is important to get the most out of these. Provide the body with the largest possible number of antioxidants. Vitamins for immunity from it, you should consume its unprocessed,  raw. If you are not a fan of this raw fruit and vegetable, you can lightly cook or grill it. You are careful not to overdo it with heat treatment.


Something more about vitamins

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the ingredients necessary for strong immunity. Its antioxidant nature protects the body by preventing cell damage that can be caused by oxidation. Is one of the key nutrients for a young and healthy body. He slows down aging.

He is good for the skin, eyesight, cell membranes. Plays one of the main roles in the fight against bacteria and viruses. Is essential for healthy and strong immune function. You can find it in various sources, even in the form of supplements.

Foods containing this;

  • apricot
  • peaches
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • corn
  • spinach
  • pumpkin
  • tomatoes
  • watermelons
  • green peppers
  • fish oil
  • eggs
  • milk
  • cheese
  • liver
  • kidneys.


Vitamin C

It has a proven effect on the immune. He actively acts in the body against bacteria and viruses. Its deficiency is usually associated with a weak organism and the onset of the disease.

To make sure your body has enough, you need to make you get it on a daily basis. And that happens through daily food intake.

Protects cells from decay and damage. Such changes in the cells can lead to infections and inflammation, and even to more serious diseases. Scientists claim that its presence stimulates the production of substances. Proteins are one of them. Directly improve immune function and protect the body from foreign microorganisms.

This vitamin is probably the most common vitamins. You need to know in which foods you can find it. Foods rich with this vitamin:

  • citrus
  • strawberries
  • peppers
  • tomato
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • potatoes
  • Berry fruit
  • watermelon
  • pineapple
  • cabbage
  • peas
  • lettuce, etc.

Vitamin B

Means a complex of B vitamins. Vitamin B9 is known as folic acid. They are one of the essential ingredients of every organism.

This group of vitamins for immunity is responsible for stimulating bodily processes. The one concerning the conversion of food into energy. The energy obtained in this way is responsible for all bodily functions.

The B vitamin complex is responsible for protecting human cells from microbes and free radicals. There are various indications that this group of vitamins can make the body resistant to different types of cancer. That it can slow down their development.

The vitamin B complex is primarily important for women. Stimulate the formation of white blood cells, which, are the mainstay of immunity.

Foods that contain this vitamin;

  • chicken
  • tuna
  • salmon
  • greens
  • liver
  • eggs
  • various seeds
  • humus etc.

In the most common case, this complex of vitamins for immunity is taken through supplements.  A small number of people include the listed foods in their regular diet.

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is necessary for the body to fight possible infections. It is good against free radicals and cancer. Important for the health of the cardiovascular system and the fight against heart disease.

Sufficient amounts in the body protect the liver and kidneys from damage and disease. Stimulates healthy immune function. Entering a supplement is not recommended. They have not been tested sufficiently. In some situations can cause more problems.

Vitamin E can be found naturally in various types of food. Foods that should be taken in;

  • pumpkin
  • avocado
  • red peppers
  • spinach (cooked)
  • broccoli (cooked)
  • sunflower seeds
  • olive oil
  • apples
  • raisins
  • plums
  • black onion
  • corn
  • eggs
  • nuts, etc.

Vitamin D

As most antioxidants do, vitamin D is an important element in reducing inflammation and infections. The main function of vitamin D is related to the absorption of calcium, which is crucial for bone health and the prevention of bone diseases. One of the diseases whose symptoms and progression can be slowed down by vitamin D is osteoporosis.

Our body mostly ingests vitamin D through the sun’s rays thanks to melanin. He can be ingested through food. If you are interested in which foods you can find vitamin D in, here is a list of foods that contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D:

  • salmon
  • tuna
  • milk
  • orange
  • yogurt
  • Swiss cheese
  • mushrooms
  • pork, etc.


Minerals and the immune system


The positive effect of zinc on building a stable and strong immunity is indisputable. Without it, the human body would collapse. Zinc helps heal skin damage and respiratory infections caused by severe coughs and dry throats. It is important in preventing the appearance of sepsis. A productive infection that can be fatal to human life.

Zinc-rich foods:

  • Red meat,
  • shells,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • sesame,
  • oats.


It plays an important role in the transfer of oxygen to the cells, which keeps the immunity strong enough to protect the body. Women in pregnancy and children with growth and development most often have an increased need for iron. In the absence of this element, anemia occurs, ie the disappearance of hemoglobin or erythrocytes. Supplements must be given to the appropriate type of diet.

Iron-rich foods:

  • Red meat,
  • liver,
  • fish,
  • bean,
  • leafy green vegetables,
  • nettle,
  • blueberries.



It has the potential to accelerate the body’s defensive reaction to some types of malignant and aggressive tumors. It effectively fights against aging and prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

The body cannot produce selenium on its own. It is necessary to take care of the increased consumption of certain foods.

The required amount is 55mg per day.

Selenium-rich foods:

  • Fish,
  • seafood,
  • Brazil nut,
  • mushrooms,
  • garlic.



Weak immunity does not often stem from genetics. This is usually the cause of inadequate nutrition. This means poor vitamin intake.

The immune system is very easy to strengthen. The first thing you need to do is to eat foods rich in vitamins every day. Along with them, combine foods full of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and weaker proteins. This will build strong protection against disease and restore lost energy.



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