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A complete guide to start your own web hosting business

Do you wanna own a web hosting business?

Then you have stopped by at the right place.

With the growing demand for online websites, web hosting has earned a good name, money, and fame in the web hosting market. Due to low investment and entry barriers, it has opened a great opportunity for many start-ups and small businesses to own their own brand new web hosting business. 

If you are ready to invest in this low competitive business, first go through this guide and understand what reseller hosting is, its types, and a procedure to set up your own web hosting business.

What is Reseller Hosting? 

Reseller hosting refers to web hosting where resellers buy hosting resources in bulk and resell them at a good profit to their end customers. In simple words, the parent web hosting company as well as resellers, both make a profit by renting their hosting resources such as bandwidth, CPU, RAM, Storage, etc. to the end customers. 

If you are already a web designer or developer, then you have a great opportunity to offer all the things needed to set up a website in one place by adding web hosting to your services. In this way, while earning a good profit, you can meet your clients’ requirements.  

Now it’s time to understand the procedure of starting a Reseller Hosting Business.

Types of Reseller Hosting 

After knowing what Reseller hosting exactly is, now it’s time to understand its types.

1. Linux Reseller Hosting

Under Linux Reseller Hosting, the technology used as the base of the server is Linux. Due to its open-source nature, it is best suitable for web developers, gamer developers, web designers, etc. They can easily mould the working environment of their Linux server to fit best to their developing software and applications. 

With a cheap Linux reseller hosting plan of Wisesolution @ 549/month, you will get bandwidth, Cpanel, storage, RAM, CPU, etc in bulk that you could easily re-customize, re-package, and resell to your end customers.

 2. Windows Reseller Hosting

Under Windows Reseller Hosting, The operating system used as the base of the server is windows. With Windows Reseller hosting packages, you have two options – either resell your windows reseller hosting plan under the parent company’s name or re-package and re-customize it to resell your end customers in your own brand name. 

With cheap windows reseller hosting plan of Wisesolution starting @ 399/month will provide you with Plesk Cpanel control, hard disk space, 100% White labelled name, free website builder, unmatched speed, email services, malware scan and protection, Web Host Manager, Softaculous (one-click installer), etc. 

Reseller Hosting Business Startup Guide


Step 1: Figure out your target audience. 

Once you figure out the niche of your business, now you should look for your target audience. Sort out the category of people looking for web hosting, whether web developers, designers, bloggers, online entrepreneurs, or digital marketing agencies.

Once you know who fits best in your target audience, it will become easy for you to choose an appropriate Reseller hosting plan to serve them with their requirements. 

After doing so, define your business goals, such as how will you grow your customer base and business in the future. Depending on this decision, you will be able to select an appropriate Reseller Hosting package with your parent web hosting provider.

Step 2: Choose a parent hosting company.

Selecting the right parent hosting company is a daunting task. So choose the company that fulfils your business goal. Make sure the features and configuration offered by your parent company match what you will offer your end customers. 

Some of the features that you should look into before considering any hosting company are as follows – 

  • Pricing
  • Customer support
  • Software application
  • Order Management

Another way to ensure that you have chosen the right web host is by reading their reviews on websites and trusted forums, checking their social media channels, calling customer support, and comparing their pricing models. 

Step 3: Fix a Budget

Never try to pour a big amount right at a starting in your business as it won’t define your success. In fact, invest step by step and wisely. Before considering any company, check out its plans and prices and see if they suit your budget. 

Step 4: Set your price

Pricing plays a very important role in the success of your business. Therefore, do not try to set either a high price for your packages/products or low prices. Try to maintain the balance of costs so that your business attracts customers at large and makes a profit altogether. 

Once your customers start trusting you and your business grows, you can quickly increase your prices. 

Isn’t that amazing?

Step 5: Promote your business. 

The last and most important thing for every business is its “Promotion”. To enlarge your customer base, start marketing your product and services in the market. Once your website gets ready, add all relevant information to it and let it get discovered by search engine bots. 

To ensure a top ranking for your website on a search engine, put SEO based keywords to help your website get index. 

Seo is all about organic traffic. If you have more budget, then set up your social media presence too. By putting good money in social media advertising, you can see your business blooming every day. You can also try other methods to traffic to your website such as:

  • Run email marketing campaigns
  • Build a blog
  • how-to-videos
  • Create Forums 


Choose a Reliable Web Host: Wise Solution 

Reliable Reseller hosting provider in India - Wisesolution

Wisesolution is the industry-leading Reseller web hosting provider in India. It also deals in shared server, virtual server and dedicated server, all at the most reasonable prices. The company has served over 130 countries and is trusted by 6000+ customers for their Domain registration, Free SSL certificates, web hosting, etc. 

To buy its hosting plans and services, contact at +91-6378789956



I hope you liked our guide about how to start a Reseller hosting business. By following the step by step procedure given in our guide, you can establish your web hosting business successfully in the web market and earn good profit and customers in no time. If you are worrying about where to get reasonable hosting plans. Then try Wisesolution, a one-stop solution for all your hosting problems. 


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