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8 Sympathy Flowers that you’ll send For Condolences

Flowers have been viewed as the symbol of passion, purity, and integrity that also help subdue depression. That is the cause why they are also sent to sympathize with the family of the dead person. Send your prayers and sympathies to the family of the perished soul with our wide array of  available online.
A pink rose might show gratitude. The orchids ideally communicate the message of admiring someone always and lilies hoping for a peaceful rest of the deceased’s soul. Show your care and gratitude towards your family and friends when they need it the most. Support them in the bad times, and if the distance is stopping you, let them feel your presence by something emotional and strengthening. Flowers suit every circumstance and depict every emotion in the best possible manner. Send sympathy flowers Online to relations and friends anywhere worldwide and convince them that these times will also pass. Give them strength, a shoulder to cry on in the critical loss faced by them, and stand beside them not just by words but through actions also.


Lilies are fragile and graceful flowers that look gorgeous in any composition. They are the most used flower for funerals in the western world.
The lily is popular for funeral compositions. It stands for simplicity and purity. It signifies a peaceful state of honor for the deviated soul.
Another lily choice is the Peace Lily Plant. It is often sent as a potted plant rather than cut flowers. The receiver can plant the Peace Lily outside in warmer weather or keep it inside as a houseplant. Either way, the plant is a long-term notice of a chosen one.


Roses are the flower of true passion, making them a clear choice for admiring a loved one.
Each rose color signifies a special meaning. Red roses at a funeral show honor, strength, and love. Dark crimson means deep sadness, pain, and loss.
White roses signify youth, ignorance, and respect. Yellow roses hold for fellowship. Pick pink to convey love and affection. Finally, deep pink roses show grace towards the dead.
Therefore, grievers always admire the tranquil beauty of roses at funerals.


The title Gladiolus comes from the Latin word gladius, a weapon. Thus, Gladioli means a strong reputation and reliability.
These tall, intense flowers value ethical sincerity, loyalty, and devotion. Therefore, it is a suitable flower for someone who assists society.
For these goals, the upright gladioli are a pleasant way to ease the grieving family.


The gentle beauty of orchids represents enduring love. They are the perfect ceremony of kindness for a deviated woman.
There are many kinds of orchids. Pink and white are popular options for sympathy flowers. They carry sympathy to the family and signify love for the dead.

Pick the best orchid based on its shade:

  • Red is for passion, strength, and feeling
  • Pink symbolizes kindness, love, and integrity
  • Purple means honor, fame, or power
  • Yellow is for service, comfort, and a new start
  • White is for grace, beauty, and integrity


In many Asian societies, white chrysanthemums are a sign of death, pain, and grief. Europeans use them for funeral compositions, but not other kinds of bouquets.
White chrysanthemums are a beautiful summation of any memorial bouquet. Adding red mums signifies love. Red also runs when valuing a veteran to carry loyalty.
Chrysanthemums can fasten a composition or complement other bulbs like roses. Hence a multi-purpose flower when it gets to sympathy floral.


Carnations often emerge in funeral garlands. The flowers grow in a variety of shades. Red, white, and pink are famous for memorial compositions.
Red flowers signify intense love. White flowers show pure love and integrity. Pink carnations signify memories.
White carnations are a good option when a young soul passes. Pink carnations carry a memorial for a valued long-time friend.


Daffodils are an outstanding option for a funeral flower arrangement. The flower signifies Spring and rebirth, therefore emphasizing to weepers that death is not the end.
These cheery flowers rejoice in a happy life. They carry joy for a new start and everlasting life.
Daffodils also signify unrequited love. A single daffodil means misfortune. Yet, a bouquet of daffodils signifies joy and happiness.


Tulips are a suitable choice for a funeral. The sensitive flowers grow in many shades. Tulips carry the elegant way a dead person spent their time on earth.
Red tulips express love. White tulips represent mercy and worthiness. These meanings make tulips a handy option for funeral flowers.


Now that you understand the  for pain, you are set to send a composition with strength and, above all, with the passion of the mind.
The loss of a loved one is always critical. However, the suitable floral arrangement gives passion and support while honoring a special life. Contact us when you require us to show your sympathy. We will help you show your feelings with meaningful sympathy flowers because we know the value of getting these choices right.

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