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7 Tips to Keep Pollen Out of Your House

If you are suffering from respiratory allergy, then pollens can aggravate your condition. That means, the spring season can be a hard time for you. People who are allergic to pollen should restrict the entry of pollen in their house. Well, for removing pollens from your house, you do not have to remove trees in your yard.

There are various things you can do to restrict the entry of pollens in your house. You should frequently clean your house with an industrial backpack vacuum cleaner to get rid of pollen in your home. You can create a healthier environment in your house by following some tips that are mentioned in this article.

1. Park Your Vehicle In Garage

If you park your car in your driveway, then pollen will get a chance to sit in your car. When you will open and close the door, or open window to let the fresh air move inside, then pollen will move inside your vehicle. If you park your car in an enclosed region such as a garage, then there will be fewer chances that pollen will cover your car with yellow mist.

You should wash your car frequently in the spring season. In addition to this, you should keep sanitary wipes inside your car so that you can wipe down the steering wheel to remove pollen from them. You should not rub your mouth with your hands because pollen that is stick on your hands will make your condition worse.

2. Leave Your Jacket & Shoes In Mudroom

You should immediately remove your jacket and shoes in your mudroom immediately after entering your house. When you go outside, then pollens stick to your shoes and jackets. The more time you spend outside, the more will be chances to accumulate a huge amount of pollens. By removing your jacket and shoes in your mudroom you will restrict the entry of pollen inside your house. Also, if possible, then take a hot water bath to remove pollens from your body.

3. Include Pets In Your Plan

Every time your pet enters your house after playing outside, then there is a high tendency that they will bring pollens with themselves and spread it all around inside your home. Make a routine that when your pet enters your house, then brush them properly and also wash their paws.  Also, frequently clean your house with a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner to get rid of a trace of pollens. The pets should be trained to follow this plan and restrict then the entry of pollens.

4. Take Bath After Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is the obvious part that we can not ignore. You have to clear up fallen leaves from your yard, remove weeds, mow grass, trim branches of trees and bushes, etc. All these yard maintenance tasks will lead to the deposit of pollen on your hands and clothes as well.

Therefore, whenever you clean your yard, then immediately change your clothes and take bath to remove pollen sticks over your body. Also, wash these clothes immediately so that there should no trace of pollen inside your house.

5. Clean Your House Frequently

During the spring season, you should frequently clean your house. It will make sure that pollen will not settle down in your house. You should invest in a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner that can efficiently remove pollens from your house. Make sure you empty the canister of a vacuum cleaner after every use. After that wipe your flooring with a wet mop. Frequent house cleaning will keep your place healthy and free from pollens.

6. Keep Door & Windows Closed

Well, it may be difficult for us to keep everything closed after the long winter season. Spring season means beautiful weather and sunshine. It becomes difficult to resist the urge to open up your house. If you keep your doors and windows open, the air will bring the pollen inside your house and trigger your allergic symptoms.

You can also invest in an air conditioner that will help in maintaining the optimum temperature inside your house and let you keep your door & windows closed. The ducted air conditioners with HEPA filter can trap the pollen inside the home and maintain a good atmosphere for breathing.

7. Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Not just your indoor space gets affected by pollens but your outdoor space and furniture can also accumulate a huge amount of pollen. Make sure you clean them as well. You should dust outdoor furniture regularly. Also, cover them with sheets when outdoor furniture is not in use. Also, wash cushions and slipcover to remove pollen. Use the backpack commercial vacuum cleaner to remove pollen from your outdoor furniture. If possible, then give power wash to your screens, posts, flooring, etc.

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