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7 Reasons Why Going with a Refurbished MacBook is a Great Option

Every year, Apple releases a refreshed line of Mac products. The MacBook and MacBook Pro lines get an update, and every once and a while, the Mac Mini gets an update, too! Of course, as we watch the latest Apple livestream featuring all the new goodies, it’s easy to get excited. You want to click over to the Apple homepage or run to the nearest Apple Store on the day of release to make that glorious purchase. As fun as that is, certified pre-owned Macs deserve their time in the limelight, as well. Going with a refurbished MacBook comes with a ton of benefits. You might not be getting your hands on the latest tech from Apple, but you can still find amazing devices that deliver everything you need and then some. Here’s why a refurbished MacBook deserves your attention.

Get More for Your Money

Value is probably the most obvious reason to choose a certified pre-owned MacBook over the latest model. While MacBooks tend to hold their value well, you can easily find last year’s model for a more welcome price without sacrificing much in the way of performance. Or you can explore models from the year before that. When it comes to the certified pre-owned marketplace for MacBooks, and Apple products in general, there’s a lot to choose from. In some cases, it might even seem a little daunting as you look at all of the choices. The bottom line is, as tempting as the 2022 MacBook or MacBook Pro may be, you can still walk away with a stellar device without having to pay full price. If you want to stretch your budget further, refurbished might be the better option for you.

Get More of the Bells and Whistles

You can walk away with savings when buying a refurbished MacBook. At the same time, you can walk away more of the bells and whistles. That’s another major benefit of going with the previous year’s model. For instance, you may be looking at the newest 13-inch MacBook Pro, but your budget only has wiggle room for the base model. Start looking at 2020 or 2019 models, and you might find that your wiggle room expands. You have the option to get a model with more storage space or with upgraded internals—all without going over budget. So, you get more of a machine without having to drop more cash.

Certified Pre-Owned Offers Peace of Mind

Buying anything used and sight unseen comes with risks. You never know what you’re going to get or what guarantees are in place to protect your purchase if you buy from a used computer shop or from a stranger online. Choosing a certified, pre-owned, refurbished MacBook means you have one less thing to worry about. When it’s certified pre-owned, you know an Apple expert gave it a thorough check before it was put up for sale. You know they checked the screen, the keyboard, the logicboard, the battery, and everything else. No stone was left unturned. And if something needed to be fixed, replaced, or addressed, they took care of it. That said, if you bought your refurb from an Apple Premier Partner, you have access to experts who can help if anything goes awry in the future. If you are set on buying a used MacBook but want additional peace of mind, buy a refurbished option from an Apple Premier Partner.

Get a Refurbished MacBook Without Waiting

Apple fans know what it’s like to wait for the next version of their favorite products. While the anticipation can be exciting, what if you need a new MacBook now for work or school? Rumors might say the new models will be out in Q2, so you hold off. But Q2 comes and goes, and no new MacBooks were announced, and you really can’t wait any longer. When you buy a refurbished MacBook, there’s no waiting. You can get the right device right then and there. Well, if you buy online, you’ll have to wait for shipping, but that’s unavoidable. You can browse the quality lineup of certified pre-owned MacBooks, make your purchase, and go. You get instant gratification (or near-instant) while saving a little money at the same time.

It’s Tried and True Technology

When you buy refurbished technology, you’re getting a device that’s been put through its paces—in a good way. You can read and watch reviews and learn how real users were able to make the most of their purchases. This translates to a more positive buying experience for you. You know exactly what to expect and know how this refurbished MacBook will fit into your daily workflow. This is crucial if you’re a professional who relies on your MacBook to get your job done. The best purchases are those that come with no unwanted surprises, and that’s what a refurbished pre-owned MacBook provides.

There’s a Market for Trade-Ins

There are two sides to every coin. Just as you have the option to buy a refurbished MacBook, you also have the option to trade in your current MacBook. The refurbs have to come from somewhere, right? The big benefit of this is you have the option to trade up your current device for the latest and greatest. Or you can trade up to a refurbished model. Either way, this means you get to save even more money while keeping yourself up to date on Apple’s offerings. And staying up to date means you’ll be getting the latest security updates, along with regular OS and software updates.

There Are No Chip Shortages When You Go Refurbished

As chip shortages continue to ripple through the electronics industry (and beyond), there’s a lot of uncertainty in the supply chain. While Apple has excelled at navigating these shortages and issues, it’s something to be aware of. There’s always the chance that the supply of new devices, such as the yet-to-be-revealed 2022 MacBook lineup, will be in shorter supply than in years past. If you don’t want to worry about potential shortages or backorders, refurbished is always a great way to go. This applies to both individuals and enterprise buyers. You don’t have to worry about slowing down or hitting roadblocks. Buying refurbished keeps you working, playing, and creating content—doing what you do best!

About Simply Mac

Simply Mac, Apple Premier Partner is your leading local expert for all things Apple, Mac, and iPhone. From repairs to trade-ins, Simply Mac does it all. Every location is staffed with Apple-certified technicians ready to answer your questions while delivering personalized service. A broken iPhone is no problem. They’re authorized to handle AppleCare+, Simple Care+, and out-of-warranty repairs on all Apple products. If you want to save on Apple products, Simply Mac offers a selection of refurbished and pre-owned Apple computers for sale. You can also shop a wide variety of accessories and home audio essentials. Head to your nearest Simply Mac or browse their website to see the whole selection.

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