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7 India’s popular tourist destinations and attractions

India has become one of the most popular adventure travel destinations in the world in recent years. The huge range of adventure activities that are possible is one of the main reasons for this. Most people who want to travel to India for adventure go to the far north and the beaches of Goa. Here are the best places to unleash your side of the adventure.


Leh and Ladakh

Leh is Indians’ far north region of Ladakh’s most common entry point. Since Ladakh was opened to foreigners in 1974, this remote place has become a popular tourism destination. It offers a dry barren countryside full of Buddhist monasteries with two of the world’s biggest mountains; the alpine desert. Excellent walking and trekking opportunities are available around Leh for nature and adventure lovers. Also on Khardung La, the world’s highest motorway there are plenty of long trekking tracks as well as white water rafting and travel. Bactrian camels can also be travelled through the Nubra Valley.



In remote Himachal Pradesh, the spellbinding Spiti valley often has the proclamation of a world in a world that it sees. It consists of a strong alpine land with an average height of about 12,500 metres above sea level. The villages and monasteries are scattered around it and the peaks of the snow crown surround it. Trekking, yachting from village to village, wildlife tracking, mountain biking and white rafting are all possible adventure activities.


North East India

The remote north-east region of India is an untouched paradise for those who love getting off the beaten track. There are visited tribes, wildlife on site, climbing peaks, cave, trekking, butterflies, bridges and jungles with their live roots.



Manali offers a blend of tranquilly and adventure with the relaxing Himalayan background, making it one of the most popular destinations in north India. You can do whatever you want or whatever you like. This is a charming spot bordered by cool pine woods and the raging Beas River, giving it particular energy. Anyone who wants to do exciting sports will love Manali. Fishing, rafting, mountain skiing and walking are all available in or around Manali. Paragliding, hiking and skiing. Many companies organising and carrying out adventure tours are located there.



Bordering Nepal and Tibet, Uttarakhand is lined with untouched natural beauty, shaded by towering Himalayan summits. Some of the attractions that draw adventurers are ancient holy sites, forests, and valleys and plenty of trekking options. A popular seasonal tour in the Valley of Flowers. The Himalayan valley at high altitudes has around 300 different types of alpine flowers, which seem like a brightly coloured carpet against a snowcapped mountain backdrop. Take the beaten track at Kalap for a pristine mountain trek in Uttarakhand. If you’d like to do a less demanding activity, head to the Nainital Hill Station, where you can boat on Naini Lake, walk around the countryside and horse riding and climbing. Rishikesh is possible for whitewater rafting and stands up paddleboarding.



For anyone in India looking for adventure and adrenaline, Goa is the best alternative to the mountains. There are nearly 100 operators who can offer you about any imaginable type of adventure, such as water sports, go-karting, snowboarding, hiking, fishing and the tour of dolphins (and crocodiles!). In October of every year the Goa Hiking Association runs a major walking programme. Every December, 9-day National Trekking Expeditions are also organised by Goa Branch of the Youth Hostel Association of India.




Does India want to experience back camel or hot air balloon? In the desert of Rajasthan, both are possible. In and around Jaisalmer and Bikaner, you can also enjoy excellent desert camel safaris. It is also possible to go to Jaipur, Pushkar and Ranthambore National Park to go hot air ballooning in India.


And don’t think you’re supposed to have water to parasail! In the Thar desert around Jaisalmer, Jeep-pulled parasailing is now taking place.

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