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6 Unbeatable Packaging Design Using Counter Display Boxes

using counter boxes is a great packaging option. Buy premium quality counter display boxes from a leading packaging supplier in the UK. Go Custom Boxes offers high-quality and custom counter boxes for all kinds of products. The best thing is you can customize counter boxes in any design and size keeping in mind your product requirements. You can get the best packaging solution from a professional packaging supplier. They give you the best advice and packaging solution that is budget-friendly. Counter display boxes are good for product promotions, displays, and marketing in different events and malls. Counter boxes are also available at wholesale prices so it is the best opportunity to get your favorite counter display boxes at a discounted rate when purchasing in bulk quantity.

How many of you guys think and believe that packaging plays an important role in our daily marketing business and brand promotion? Of course we all aware and well known of this fact that the packaging plays a vital role especially when you are introducing or selling something. But what if you are new in this business/ marketing field and don’t know which type of packaging is fair enough to use and reliable for brand enhancement, promotion, and display and which not?

So, to consider this, if you are the one who is facing this type of tension or hurdles and quite confused then, no worries. My today’s article is all about the display boxes and packing. In which my main target is to highlight the counter boxes that why these boxes are reliable and considerable for you to use. Instead of dragging this further, let’s get the ball roll and reveal the myth of these display boxes together in which my main point is to trigger the top 6 unbeatable packaging designs using counter display boxes.

Soap style boxes/ packing

The first effective or you can say attractive way through which you can prominent your product visibility as well as display is to consider the soap styling display. This packaging design and style getting popular day by day. This is one of the beneficial approaches for those who have small products and want to wrap it mannerly as well as these boxes will play an ideal role at the time of offers where the mostly brand sale their products by offering the buy 1 get 1 free deal. So, if you are the one who wants something decent but catchy then, I recommend you to try this kind of styling.

Donut or vector style boxes

Another design that you guys implement on these counter boxes is the donut or vector styling. This style is somehow spacious and provides your products a full display look. So then the buyer can easily check your product and get an idea without any further asking or difficulty. That’s why you guys have noticed that those who are new in the business. Promotion field or even launching their any new product or brand consider these style of boxes. Because they know that what buyers demand and what he or she likes/ dislikes. This type of packing box is beneficial for food and gift and accessories. It is also used in parties and weddings for offering goodies and favors to the guests.

Cake front open window design

Another approach which you guys implement on these boxes is the front open window style design. This style is highly recommended for eatery items or products like sweets and all. Again, this is also a great option for counter displays. The transparent windows inserted on boxes allow a clear view of the product, making it easy for them to make decisions. As it helps to enhance your productivity as well as make the product more appealing so the buyer can easily attract towards the product without doing any additional marketing. The cake open front makes it easy to open and check the product if required. But it depends on the type of the product. This is also a great packing option for cosmetics products.

Foldable style design

Another way through which you can make your product look more demandable is by implementing foldable packing on these boxes. This is also one of the highly recommended designs which the majority of the sellers prefer. Additionally, on the other hand, this style is also suitable for cosmetics products packing or covering. So if you have any cosmetic product or even any other product like jewelry accessories then, this style is an ideal deal for you guys to consider.

Shelves and portions packaging

Other tricks which you guys can implement on Counter display boxes are the shelves and portions design. This is somehow the best deal for those who have to ship their products/ products from one place to another so instead of considering a lot of boxes this box style will make the packing and shipping easy and flexible without any fuss. Moreover, beautiful sleeves counter boxes are great for compact packing of products. So it is great for delicate products. You can make different compartments inside one sleeve box to categorize sections for different products.

Easy to handle carrying design

Another way through which you can turn your boxes and product look more reputable is to design it in a carrying shape so the buyer can easily handle or hold the box without any tension or fuss. Using a handle box is a forever green packing option which is a favorite of people most of the time. So if the product is suitable to carry in a handle box. Then your sold prefer choosing such packaging.


The mentioned above are the main and effective tricks. Which you can prominent your counter boxes and your products as well. Despite this, you feel this is not enough. Or you want to know more in detail, then, without any hesitation feel free to ping me down. I would for sure love to trigger your queries. And try my level best to come up with some more relevant suggestions, recommendations, and answers

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