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6 Common Myths About High-Risk Pregnancy

A pregnancy is termed as high-risk if a woman is suffering from some major health problems. In such cases, you may be getting different suggestions from different people. Additionally, some may be questioning whether the things told are really true. 

Women with high-risk pregnancies should not get worried because complications can be prevented with proper care. They must consult a gynecologist or obstetrician, a specialist who cures such complicated cases. 

Moreover, people who live in Melbourne should visit a gynecologist in Melbourne, providing the best treatment to women having such complications. Additionally, in this article, we are describing some myths regarding high-risk pregnancy that women should not consider because with proper treatment issues are curable.

6 Myths You Should Not Believe About High-risk Pregnancy

Myth 1: You will suffer some complications if you are above 35 years old.

There doesn’t need to be some complications in your pregnancy if you are above 35 years old. Actually, both age and specific health problems are the main factors, causing high-risk cases. It is because, at the age of 35, women avoid prenatal checkups which is the basic root of such difficulties.

Every woman must have prenatal checkups whatever is the age. Women should visit specialists who will guide them with proper precautions. If you are living in Australia, many doctors are working as specialized as high-risk pregnancy obstetricians in Melbourne, who are professionals in providing maternal-fetal care.

They will diagnose the issues, causing complications in your pregnancy. Additionally, with proper treatment and precautions, such problems can be cured.

Myth 2: All your future pregnancies will be high-risk.

All your pregnancies will be different at different ages and times. It points out that, if you are dealing with a high-risk pregnancy at present, it doesn’t mean you will go through it again in the future also.

The health disorders causing the high-risk issues can be prevented at a particular time, which can resolve your doubts about future pregnancy. 

Myth 3: High-risk pregnancy will be more problematic.

Though high-risk pregnancy demands extra care of a mother and child, it does not mean it will be more problematic. The GYN/OBS will provide additional guidance that will help to analyze the risk factors negatively impacting your and a child’s health.

They will ensure the healthy body weight of a woman so that there would not be a risk of gestational diabetes. This disease can cause premature childbirth and excessive weight of a newborn.

Moreover, after the delivery, a woman can experience difficulties in breastfeeding or pain and discomfort in the abdomen area in case of c-section childbirth.

Myth 4: With high-risk pregnancy, your child is in danger.

It is not guaranteed that your child will be in danger if you are suffering from a high-risk pregnancy. In fact, there can be possibilities of uncertainty and complications in the pregnancy.

But with the proper advice of gynecologist or obstetricians, you can have a safe pregnancy and healthy childbirth. The doctors will do an ultrasound to check the position and development of the baby to ensure good health. 

Myth 5: High-risk pregnancy can be dangerous if there will be any major changes in your lifestyle.

Not the changes but adding a balanced diet in your meal can actually provide you with a healthy pregnancy. Additionally, by practicing the exercises with the proper guidance of the trainer, pregnant women can promote healthy habits.

Eating the right amount of nutritive foods is beneficial for the good health of a mother and a baby. Therefore, women who are suffering from gestational diabetes should definitely have a balanced diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Myth 6: High-risk pregnancy will impact your sex life.

Unless a pregnant woman has a typical complication or the doctor instructed against intercourse, having sex in pregnancy is normal. In addition, it is also true for high-risk cases. 

But if there is a chance of preterm delivery in your high-risk pregnancy, sex might require to be stopped. Seeing a gynecologist will guide you if there will be a need to be careful regarding intercourse.

Tips To Prevent High-risk Pregnancy

Though there are many myths about high-risk pregnancy, there will be nothing wrong if you make sure of a normal pregnancy. So, to avoid such worries, women should ensure a healthy pregnancy by following some tips mentioned below:

  • Plan Your Pregnancy Early: Women should plan their pregnancy early in their twenties and early thirties as it is the ideal age. As you get older, there may be more chances of miscarriages. The newborn may show some symptoms of chromosomal abnormality that change the infant’s development before birth.  

Moreover, pregnant women experience extreme bleeding and prolonged labor time that would last for 20 hours. In addition, they go through ectopic pregnancy, a disorder when the embryo gets attached outside the uterus that can harm their health. 

  • Maintain Your Weight: Weight plays a vital role in defining the risk of pregnancy. The more overweight a pregnant woman is, the more risk pregnancy is. It leads to gestational diabetes, which is the cause of high-risk pregnancy. 

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your weight. Exercising regularly triggers the hormone called insulin, which makes the cells use more glucose. Hence, it helps to maintain the blood sugar level. 

  • Go For Proper Prenatal Care: Visit the gynecologist or obstetrician, who will recommend some blood tests and ultrasounds that will help to diagnose any risk early and prevent its consequences. 

Most women are diagnosed with fibroids in the uterus or cyst in an ovary in their first-time pregnancy. Consequently, it leads to a high-risk case and causes severe pain, abnormal growth of a child, and miscarriages.

  • Exercise Daily: A pregnant lady should exercise regularly, as it reduces the chance of c-section childbirth, the main cause of high-risk pregnancy. Doing the activities keeps your muscles functioning that helps to have a normal delivery


Though there are several myths regarding high-risk pregnancy, every woman needs to take care of themselves and a baby’s health. They should visit the GYN/OB to get the proper checkup so that if any complications occur can be prevented timely before it is too late. 


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