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5 Useful Tips to Hire Experienced AngularJS Developers in 2021

Nowadays, hiring the right developer for a web App development project has become difficult due to talent shortage and technology’s complexity.

Moreover, AngularJS is a tricky framework, a developer who knows it in and out can only produce the desired results. However, this article will assist you to find suitable developers for your web app development needs.

Why choose AngularJS:

AngularJS is an open-source Model-View-Controller framework developed in 2009 by Miško Hevery. Additionally, it is a JavaScript-based front-end framework that helps to develop stunning web and mobile Apps. It extends HTML capability and enjoys great built-in features. Plus, it provides customization capabilities using simple JavaScript.

Moreover, Google maintains this framework, so we can depend on its consistency and versatility. Hence it gets regular updates and overcomes any technical issues with ease. It also enjoys a strong community of developers and corporations.

The state of Javascript survey reveals Angular is constantly competing against ReactJS and gained much awareness over the years. Besides, many industry leaders like Netflix, PayPal, Nike, Sony, HBO, etc use AngularJS to strengthen their tech slack.

Things to determine before hiring an AngularJS developer:

  • Development team – Any web development project requires a certain amount of manpower. Hence, make sure you know the number of AngularJS developers you need.
  • The skillset of a developer – A simple web App doesn’t require a senior-level developer. So, analyze your web App’s requirements and decide who to hire (Senior, mid-level, or junior level AngularJS, developers)
  • Budget – This is the main thing to decide before the hiring process. Have a specific budget that helps in screening the relevant developers.
  • Deadline – Marketing the application plays a vital role in your business growth, so define a timeline of the development. This will enable proper coordination of other business activities.
  • Documentation – Document your requirements to avoid missing out on small details. This helps you to effectively communicate information about the application’s designs, animations, functionality, etc.
  • Interview process – To be more certain that the developer has strong technical knowledge, prepare some interview questions related to technical stuff. However, including a test to examine the developer’s soft skills will also be beneficial.

Hire skilled AngularJS developers with the help of this fail-safe method:

Hiring the right developer to have a great many advantages to a business. However, an incompetent developer can ruin the entire development which means your valuable money has been wasted. Also, you need to again start the process with a new team. These five valuable tips will assist you to hire proficient AngularJS developers that fit exactly your development needs.

Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS:-

Since AngularJS is a JavaScript-based framework, check the developer is strong in basics – HTML, CSS, UX concepts, element position, and interaction. Check if they have experience in creating self-contained, testable, modules and components. Plus, they should be familiar with RxJS, Git Able, and npm, etc.

Deep understanding of the Framework:-

AngularJS is constantly updating and new versions are released regularly. Hence, make sure the developer has an in-depth understanding of this framework and stays up-to-date. To analyze this there are many AngularJS interview questions online.

Experience and Expertise:-

It’s always advisable to hire an AngularJS developer with a minimum of two years of experience. Moreover, possessing adequate front-end skills and knowledge about libraries like NGX Bootstrap, Angular components, Prime BG is mandatory. Besides, having the ability to work with other frameworks like React and some knowledge of back-end concepts like Node.js, RESTful APIs is an added advantage.

Decent Communication Skills:-

Hiring a developer with good communication skills helps in smooth development. However, the developer need not be a native English speaker, the ability to effectively exchange information without difficulty is good enough. Further, being a team player is also significant because he/she needs to work well with others to give the best output.

Attention to Detail:-

Web App development involves numerous tests and solving technical issues. Hence, a developer should have attention to detail which helps in spotting errors in an instant. This saves a lot of time and ensures high-quality code.

In addition to all these, if a developer is flexible enough to adapt to different project management styles like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, just pick them. They are the ones that can be relied on for long-term goals.

Wrapping Up

To develop a scalable as well as attractive web App, it’s crucial to hire competent, skilled, and committed AngularJS developers. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t waste your time and money in the process.

Hence, it’s always best to delegate the job to a trusted AngularJS development company. This will not only give you the opportunity to work with a talented and experienced team of technical professionals but also helps you to focus on your actual business.

Since they will analyze and update themselves on the latest trend in technology, you not worry about training them as newer versions of the technology come into the market.

Prabin Samuel

Prabin Samuel is a success-driven creative and technical content writer at Soft Suave, having expertise in the web and mobile app development industry. The enthusiasm towards growth and research made Prabin an expert in forecasting the future of the web and mobile app development industry.

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