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5 Tips To Prevent Your Trees From Winter Damage

Prevent Your Trees From Winter Damage

Trees are the most beautiful creation on earth. They are not just beautiful but also help in maintaining the ecological balance, provide fresh air to breathe and spread good vibes as well. But, bad weather conditions can affect the trees, therefore, it is your duty to do proper care & maintenance to ensure their healthy growth.

Healthy trees are more likely to handle bad weather conditions as compare to weak trees. The winter season can wreak havoc on trees in your yard. Just like your winter snow boots prevent you from cold weather and snow during the winter season, similar treatment needed by your trees as well.

Well, you do not need snow boots off your tree size, but think about some good ideas that can prevent your trees from snow damage during the winter season. There are various good ways to keep your trees strong and safe in this winter season. You just need to do a small early preparation to keep your tree in good shape even after passing the adverse winter season. Make sure to contact Supreme Tree Experts to help you.

Here, in this post, we will describe different techniques to keep your tree strong and capable to handle the heaviest winter season.

1. Brace The Trees To Increase Their Strength 

Before the arrival of the winter season, you should strengthen up the structural integrity of trees. First of all, you should examine the strength of trees that are in the surrounding of your car or house.

It is so because the weak tree near your property can do more damage. You can call a local arborist in your house to inspect the weak limb of trees. You should secure them with cabling.

Tie them up with strong cable so that they can withstand strong winds, snow, and storm. The fortified branches are less likely to break & fall. Thus, bracing your trees is a good technique to protect them from storm and snowfall. 

2. Trim Weak Or Overgrown Branches 

Do you know what is the right time for trimming or pruning your trees in the yard? When trees shed their leaves, then you can call the professionals such as arborist Sydney for tree pruning.

Make sure you call only certified and insurance arborists to prevent yourself from any legal problems. The arborist will examine tree limbs and find out are they capable of withstanding heavy snow, wind, and storms.

They will also look out for signs of damaged or dead branches because these branches will fall easily when winter hits. Thus, trimming out weak branches will reduce the probability of falling of trees or tree branches. 

3. Inspect Trees After Storm 

During the winter season, when you see snow piles on your tree, then you may think about free your tree from heavyweight. But, it can be highly dangerous! You should not shake the tree to remove snow piles accumulate over the trees.

This can break your tree branches and also affect the circulatory system of your tree. If snow is light & fluffy, then there is no problem in shaking it off from the tree.

You should call a tree service provider for tree inspection after snowfall & storm. He will trim out weak branches that can fall anytime. Thus, tree inspection can prevent your trees and you as well from big hazards. 

4. Offer Nutrition For Good Tree Health  

Trees go the dormant stage during winter just like other animals. For their survival, you should stock up a good amount of food and water as well. You should feed trees with good fertilizers before the temperature starts falling to a negative scale.

You should also implement the mulching process that will act as a blanket for the roots of your trees. The mulch will help to retain the good moisture level and nutrients as well to sustain the healthy growth of trees. The good moisture is required for tree health during winter. 

5. Advance Preparation To Avoid Winter Problems 

You can save your trees with the help of pre-winter preparations. You should inspect the signs of pests and molds. After that, you should rinse trees to remove the harmful winters’ salt that can soak up water and affect the roots of trees.

The preparation will not just protect your trees but also protect your property from major hazards. Also, it will reduce the mess that you have to handle after the passing of the winter season. 

Final Words:

The trees are very beneficial for us, therefore, we should take care of them. The trees suffer a lot during the winter season due to heavy snowfall, ice, and storms. The weak branches of trees can fall anytime.

This poses a risk of life and property in the surrounding trees. Therefore, you should do good preparation before the winter season arrive. This will help your tree from winter damage.


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