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5 Successful Pop Culture Events You Follow in 20201

Pop culture is all about the cultural trends like music arts, film or any other, that is adopted by a mass of individuals. It has various types, among which famous types includes, entertainment such as movies, music, television, video games, sports, news, politics, fashion, technology, and slag. And the most common sources are listed below:

  • Books
  • Corporations
  • Folk music
  • movement
  • Movie
  • Television programs
  • The game
  • TV commercials
  1. TikTok

The social media app TikTok is the most popular youth app which has surpassed Instagram and Facebook in popularity. Even youth are mostly seen on Tiktok instead of other social media websites. It will be surprising that young people are earning millions on TikTok. It is heartbreaking to see the social revolution being brought about through this app, you go to YouTube and go there and see how young boys and girls exchange vulgar and obscene phrases, semi-nude and obscene clothes. There are performances, film dialogues are acted upon, songs are danced and religion and people of religion are ridiculed. Some online businesses are using TikTok as a tool of marketing, such as assignment help services.

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!

One of the popular anime that started the commercial card epidemic in the late 90’s was  Yu-Gi-Oh!! The Japanese series, produced in 1994 by Kazuki Takahashi, follows the adventures of a young, shy boy named Yogi Matu. Yogi completed the Prize, one of the 7,000 Millennium Items and the Egyptian model that will fulfill the yogi’s desire to have a friend. After the yogi wins, his body is possessed by a mysterious spirit that has the characteristics of a gambler, and whenever there is a danger of evil in people’s hearts, he is saved by the yogi.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

All successful people have strange rules that they claim to have followed to reach the top of the social ladder, and Mark Zuckerberg is no different. Over the course of his career, he has enacted ten laws that he claims are at the top of his list. These rules may seem uncertain or foolish, but they seem to have worked. You may suspect that these principles can lead you to success in business or even in life, but Mark Zuckerberg claims that they are the key to its success. You may belong to someone and others may stop questioning your merits.

  1. Ariana Grande

Not just for her boyfriend of two years. Instead, he said yes to Pat Davidson, who spent about 100 100,000 on a single ring a month after he left dating. But who only has her new fiance? It turns out that he is a regular cast member of Center Night Live, having appeared in many skates since 2014. He has performed on Jimmy Perfect Live! He has also starred in Brooklyn Nine Nine. If you think this is terribly fast for a 25-year-old, this is definitely the case.

  1. Kylie cosmetics

Business magazine Forbes announced this month that Kylie Jenner, the star of Capping Upwood Kardashians, has a net worth of 900 million at the age of 20. His mother and manager, Chris Jenner, is in charge of all his children’s finances and has made the family a billionaire. In return, they are given a 10% share. When Kylie introduced the lip kit and it was immediately booked, her mother saw a business opportunity. The magazine says that she will soon become the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

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