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5 Secret Fat-Blasting Cardio Workouts Tips

Exercise is a must! Nowadays people strive to remain fit by controlling their diet and maintain healthy eating habits, which are ultimately good signs. However, they are not the only concerns for staying fit. Staying fit means burning more calories than the daily calorie intake. It means that people should exercise more to burn daily calories. If an average person consumes 2000 calories a day, then s/he should prefer burning at least 500 calories a day to burn fat fast and reduce weight in months. There are numerous applications available on play stores, which help in achieving this target. But the types of exercise required to burn calories fast must be studied in depth.

In this competitive world, many fitness experts are offering various workouts at different price ranges. Most of them prefer cardio for burning fat fast. HIIT exercises are recommended to reduce weight and tone muscles. Below are some great cardio workouts that can be done daily to tone up your core muscles and they also involve full-body workout.

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. High Knees
  3. Butt Kicks
  4. Burpees
  5. Wall-Climbing

Jumping Jacks

It is the most famous of all. It is so vital and efficient that it is conducted regularly by all age groups, whether it be teenage kids or young adults. All perform jumping jacks are a beginner workout to warm-up their entire body. It involves all body muscles, specifically targeting, core, calves, hamstrings, and arms. Experts recommend doing 30 reps of jumping jacks, 3 sets each day. It helps to increase your heart rate and warms up your entire body for muscle flexibility.

High Knees

Most of the fitness freaks, visit gym regular for and run miles on a treadmill, however, not all can afford to visit the gym daily, hence they prefer home workouts. Those who enjoy working out at home are all aware of high knees, and how it works. It targets the core. A person has to lift his knees with the help of his core muscles. It consumes a lot of effort and energy. It becomes difficult for overweight people but once they start practicing it gets a lot easier for them to work out. This helps to tone core and burns leg fat as well. The entire body is involved in this workout. The lower abdomen is worked out the most.

Butt Kicks

They are somewhat similar to that of high knees. Instead, they are a modified version of morning jogging. The main aim is to shift the body weight from one leg to another, with a skip to increase the heart-rate which helps in consuming more energy and thus increases sweat. Kicks must be directed backward with full pressure to work the thighs. Almost 10 to 15 minutes of butt kicks are recommended to stretch the leg muscles.


Burpees are the most hectic of all. They require great stamina and energy, with proper breathing intervals and positioning. Burpees are the most effective of all. It works on the entire body and can be divided into four parts, first is the jump, second involves squatting down, third positions the body in the push-up position and the last part requires a jump in while taking the body back to the first position. Muscles involved in burpees are the legs, arms, chest, back, thighs, core and shoulders. It covers pushups, squats, jumping jacks and abs in and out exercises. Burpees are foremost the best fat burning cardio exercise and are practiced widely at home and gym as well.


Wall climbing is a unique yet exhilarating workout. Kids climbing walls are also common now. It requires energy and time. Most outdoor gyms have this facility while some indoor ones do not. Wall climbing is recommended for those people who do not frequently visit a gym or have less time to spend on each machine. This full-body workout helps to tone up the core muscles, along with back, quadriceps, arms, and shoulders.

This workout improves the handgrip and increases the body’s balance and stability. Climbing walls require time and patience, a strategy to climb on top, accurately timed breaks and flexibility to reach another target. This is an effective yet intriguing way to burn out more fat from the entire body.

People willing to work out at home or reduce weight fast can try these fat blasting exercises to tone up their summer body. Cardio workouts are so far the most recommended ones to burn fat fast, while some recreational centers have also inaugurated wall climbing parks to support health and wellness at an early stage. Other exercises can be conducted without a piece of equipment or a wall but, wall climbing can be practiced indoor as well as outdoor.


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