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Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to explain the importance of digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

With the use of digital technologies basically on the internet including mobile phones, display of advertising and other digital medium, where the products or services are marketed is called digital marketing and any company provides these services called Digital Marketing Company. Internet is the base of the system we call Digital Marketing. It is where we can create, accelerate and transmit the value of product by using digital network from product to the terminal consumer.

Digital marketing Company



A term known a digital marketing planning is used in marketing management. It is basically used to enhance the system of digital marketing. The plan must be structured properly for the success.

Stages of Planning:

Digital Marketing Plan

There are three stages of planning that must be followed for the success of digital marketing:

  • Opportunity
  • Strategy
  • Action

Main Objective:

Engaging the customers of digital marketing and using the means of servicing and delivery of digital media to connect them with the brand is the main motive of the digital marketing. Digital communication are the easy means of accessing the information. Many digital mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Email etc. can be used if people have access to internet.

Information can be shared with people from all over the world no matter how far they are or who they are just because of the digital communications. This allows the targeted audience to clear their queries about the brand and also get familiar with it. The customer care is also available to answer to the questions of their client and tell them all the information they need regarding the brand.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

There are different reasons that show the importance of digital marketing. Those are as follows:

People are Approached Where their Time and Money is Spent

The studies concluded that there are at least 7 social media accounts of an average internet user. Within few years it will increase. In at least once a month, there are 97% of US adults under 65 who use social media. Majority of the people are on it every day.

Customer care strongly prefers its source to the social media. But it is also a fact that 89% of customer care messages are ignored by business. 22% of the world population is on Facebook. In US, 76% of people are on Facebook and 51% are using Instagram. A specific brand is referred by 30% of users of social media to the milestones in their lives. An average person spends 2 hours using social media in a day on and the time is 9 hours when the user is teenager. Social media is a now a complete part of everything done in school and work either it is entertainment or work.

More Advanced Analytics

Digital marketing Analytics

It is very lesser known how a TV ad is performed. Best time to air the ad and the best frequency to do some testing can be determined easily. A focus group can be created to drill down on the data. Generally, the reach can be known according to the agency or whether it increased buzz, sales, or met a similar marketing goal. There lies a great importance of digital marketing when it comes to dealing with TV ads. Following things can be knows about ad and its users through digital marketing:

Whether they actually saw it. With TV ads, you don’t even know that much. They could have two option. Either to put TV on mute or work in the kitchen. If they interacted with it

  • If they liked it
  • If they lingered on it
  • If they shared it with a friend
  • If it prompted another action
  • If it led to a sale down the road (this is important when deciding how to best spend money)

A lot of knowledge about people interacting with the ad can be known as follows:

  • Who’s most interested in your ads
  • What are they like
  • What makes them more likely to take an action
  • Who is easiest to convert
  • Who spends more
  • What do they do online
  • What terms do they use to find you online
  • Which websites do they visit that lead them to yours

Easy to Scale & Adopt

Be it any kind of marketing, in order to get traffic flowing, there is always a requirement of initial investment. When scaling and adapting to the business starts to enhance its growth then the importance of digital marketing starts to become crystal clear.

For example, a daily budget can be opted through social media campaigns, display of ads and search ads as well. The importance of digital marketing lies in the fact that you can get instant results, analyze data and make changes fast to reduce wasted ad spend and lost revenues. This leads to a discovery that digital marketing is very cost effective for a small business.

Integrates Marketing with Mobile Technology

Social Media Marketing

Mobile transactions are increasing at a very fast speed, probably 35% year over year according to the research of IBM. This is not just simple buying or selling on mobile. Mobile is being used by people as an augmented reality layer over business. Reviews and product information can be viewed easily. The selfies taken in store by the customers also become a promotional opportunity.

There must be a competition for digital marketing in the world of business dealing with modern economy. Online is where the customers are. It’s where they prefer that you reach them. Online is where the modern buying process begins. Internet platforms are the best ways to creating competitive advantage for businesses.

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