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Digital Marketing

5 Facebook Ways to Get More

Remember the high school sentence, ‘This isn’t a fight for popularity?’ Well, it is actually when it comes to social media marketing for your product. A strong impact on buying decisions is on brand awareness and loyalty. Indeed, 75% of people bought something because they saw it socially. Therefore, it is a matter of customer acquisition and retention that Facebook likes and dedication.


Here’s the boot—this isn’t just about getting your Facebook page likes or “fans.” You want to make the material that you share on this page even more active. Since sadly someone does not want to see all your posts because they follow your page (or any for that matter).

Five tips for Facebook are available here:


  1. Creating outstanding content.


How to get your favorite Facebook option? Build informative content that people like, and share, that is special and persuasive. Simple, right? Simple? Naturally not. What resonates with the masses is not easy to guess. It’s not easy.

A good way to get started is to describe the social media strategy of your brand. What do you stand for? What do you stand for? What is the personality of your brand? You will have a solid starting point to build outstanding and wonderful content by keeping true to this principle.

Take Wayfair, for instance. In beautifully built areas, Wayfair often shows high quality, light photographs of its goods that will allow its customers to be inspired.


  1. Commit your public.

Have you ever spent your whole time debating how nice they are on a date with someone? Possibly a second date they didn’t get. Think of behaving as you would on a date when running your social media. Your aim is to get your audience involved. You would like them to comment, so start conversations with others. Don’t always support yourself.

Commitment to Facebook is more critical than ever. As Wayfair did with the picture above, one excellent way to promote participation is to pose questions. The “question” mail receives 100% more feedback than non-question mail, according to Kissmetrics. Ask your question about trivia or use a blank fill-in technique. Here is a list of questions you want to start with.


  1. The show, don’t say, don’t say.

We just have a limited period of attention, let’s face it. Most readers scroll to just about 50% of the mark or 1000th pixel in a post, according to Chartbeat. It’s also less on social media. Buzzsumo found that shares with less than 50 features were more engaging than longer ones after examining 800 million Facebook posts. So keep them short and sweet moral of the story

Your Facebook posts must also have visual content. While Facebook has fantastic text capabilities, images, and videos still reflect the most engaging content types.

In relation to which picture or video is the most engaging – Hubspot has checked itself and found that the content displayed really matters. That is why A/B is a big move to test your own content to make Facebook more active and more fun.


  1. Timing and frequency studies.

The timing, as with many things in existence, is important to Facebook’s desire. You won’t get successful engagements if your audience sleeps often when you write. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 21:00-10 PM ET, we have seen the most common time for people to share content on Facebook.

Find out what gets the most of your time of writing. As for the frequency, Buffer found that the most general commitment were pages with 5 posts a day.

But again, deciding what works for your audience is crucial. Test different times and frequencies of posting, and then check your Facebook views to see the best results.


  1. Just pay to play.

You have therefore followed tips 1-4: Your contents are interesting, you have a fantastic picture to compliment the post and you know exactly when to post them. 

Enhance your reach increases progressively, which is nearly necessary for business pages in the current Facebook climate. Hootsuite explains the advantages of boosting posts and deals with simple steps.

But you should consider a more integrated paid promotions plan through the comprehensively available advertisement capacity on the platform via the Ad Manager if you take your Facebook strategy seriously and like more of Facebook. This is the best bet in 2019 to turn and attract fans into customers.


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