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5 Best Finance and Accounting Jobs in England | Fratres

You have an accounting and finance degree and are looking for some great career opportunities? If that’s the case. It is time to tap on five best finance and accounting jobs in England. Moreover,The best feature of this job is that you can find them easily in any part of England.
Some jobs are available in the banking and investment sectors While private companies and brands commonly offer others. Let’s start exploring details of these jobs vacancy in England one by one.

IT Audit Manager

As an IT Audit Manager, your role is to plan and execute IT audits. While working closely with international clients and data analytics teams. The best candidate for this job is the one who has strong communication skills.
Both verbal and written, because this role also includes creating and presenting impact reports to senior management. A team player is always required because once you are performing Audit in various IT related aspects such as Cyber security, Data, Operational Resilience, Infrastructure, etc.
You will have to work with another IT Team. You must know how to tackle global clients and provide insightful perspectives for the company’s growth and development.
As far as qualification for these IT Jobs offer in England is concerned. You must have a master’s degree in finance and accounting with some professional certifications.
However Most companies give preference to CISA. Strong analytical skills and ability to influence management are most sought after talent in the right fit candidate.

Payroll Advisor

As a payroll advisor, your job role involves every single aspect related to payroll. You must ensure that group policies align with government legislation. So the company doesn’t have to face any lawsuit.
Your job is to prepare and process all monthly and weekly payrolls for employees.Moreover, You will interpret Validate and input all the documentation Mileage, overtime payment, and expenses in its payroll system. You must know how to keep a complete track of every single thing related to this job.
When you are going for such accounting jobs offer in England. You are getting the salary and many perks and benefits. For example, a female candidate can get maternity leave for 9 to 12 months.
To attract talented people for this job, companies offer a wide variety of benefits, including discounted deals and vouchers that employees can use in shops, restaurants, and leisure outlets.
As an employee, you will get sick pay, generous holiday pay, discounted gym membership, and pension. People like to work in England as companies there are ready to offer a lot more to employees, not just a monthly salary.

Jobs In England
Jobs In England

Treasury Analyst

It is one of the most demanding accounting Jobs demand in England. Because you have to ensure that every report you create is accurate and timely. It would help if you worked with a team. Therefore, a person with excellent collaboration skills gets preferred for this job.
You will conduct monthly reporting and validation of FX hedge accounting entries. It’s your job to ensure that all financing trades and transactions are appropriately recorded in accounting ledgers. You will prepare a monthly inter company loan matrix.
Treasury related IFRS-US GAAP and Purchase Price adjustments, and Treasury activity. You will offer a quarterly treasury balance sheet review to the senior finance manager to make better financial decisions based on the company’s financial situation.
A treasury Analyst has to work as a compliance manager for treasury controls.

Regulatory Reporting

When you are looking for some high-paying accounting jobs in England, you should consider going with Regulatory Reporting jobs.
You have to prepare and submit reports featured with a high level of accuracy most of the time. It’s all a part of your job position from the preparation of reports to their reconciliation and Audit.
It will be the principal user of regulatory software. Therefore you need to make sure that all new products are analyzed for reporting implication. Besides, whatever software implementation you do, it lets the team manage projects effectively.
You will take undertaking ad-hoc projects that are often requested by the financial controller. You need to build a long-lasting business relationship with PRA, FCA, and all other clients and counter parties.
When it comes to qualification for regulatory reporting jobs searches in England. Then employers prefer a candidate who is a qualified accountant who has more than five years of experience in Prudential Regulatory Reporting (COREP).

Jobs In England
Jobs In England

Fund Accounting Manager

One of the most demanding accounting jobs in England is where you have to do fund accounting. As a manager, it’s your job to offer funding accounting services for the client’s investment schemes.
It will be responsible for handling Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Pricing/accounts Taxation reviews, and VAT. You are going to manage a team of funds and taxation. You will be the one who plans and organizes all the tax accountancy activities while keeping a tab on your team activities. For getting this job.
We should have professional accounting and taxation qualifications. You must have technical UK Taxation Knowledge and experience to get this job.

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