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4 reasons to choose eco-friendly pest control in Vancouver

For centuries, practically every country in the globe has fought to manage a few unwanted pests. The term “pest” was originally used to describe a group of undesirable creatures that could be hazardous to human health or the environment. Ecology, on the other hand, is the study of the interactions between living organisms, such as humans, and their physical environment; it aims to comprehend the vital links that exist between plants and animals and the environment.

While still the days are growing longer and warmer, insects and pests are proliferating in yards, gardens, and residences around the city of Vancouver.

It can feel like a constant battle to keep pesky and unwanted pests away and prevent them from destroying your property, especially throughout the spring and summer, thanks to our lush insect-friendly environment. When confronted with a significant pest infestation, the first impulse is frequently to employ a powerful chemical pesticide to eliminate the problem rapidly. The truth is that spraying harsh pesticides in and around your house can be hazardous. It is more preferable to use an environmentally friendly approach. Managing pests in the home with ecologically friendly methods, just as ASM Pest Control does, is a lot safer for you, your family, and your pets. It’s also a lot more efficient.

The kind of risks, both on health as well as the ecology caused by these pesticides are high and thus a “green approach” is always preferred. It becomes extremely important to create a pest-free environment around you.


Health risks due to pesticides:

Even little quantities of radiation can be harmful to human development, reproduction, and overall health. Pesticide poisoning is estimated to cause 3 million illnesses and up to 220,000 fatalities each year, according to the World Health Organization (mostly in developing countries).


  • Pesticide exposure over time has been related to a variety of chronic health problems, including:
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Changes in genetics
  • Disorders of the blood
  • Nerve problems


  • Other short-term consequences of pesticide exposure include:
  • Headaches
  • Irritation of the skin and eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Ingesting or being exposed to pesticides can result in symptoms ranging from fevers and vomiting to convulsions and respiratory collapse in dogs.

Spraying pesticides around your home to get rid of insects isn’t worth it because pesticides have so many negative health impacts and symptoms.


Ecological risks due to pesticides:

Pesticides will migrate outside of a limited region through the air, soil, or water, even if they are sprayed to a tiny area. Pesticides can last anywhere from a few days to several years in the environment, posing serious threats to our carefully regulated ecology.

Pesticide use, for example, has been related to declining honeybee numbers, which have declined by 29 percent to 36 percent each year since 2006. Other pollinators, such as butterflies and hummingbirds, as well as reptiles and small mammals, are being wiped off by pesticide use.


Benefits of choosing an Eco-friendly pest control in Vancouver

Selecting the best pest control provider is a crucial decision. Pest control firms that are environmentally conscious use treatments that blend biological controls like odors, tastes, and oils with safer, greener chemicals.


  • Long-term results

Did you know that insects can evolve resistance to chemical control approaches, for example? This resistance will be passed along to the progeny, making exterminating an infestation even more difficult. Environmentally friendly remedies, on the other hand, make it far more difficult for pests to build resistance to treatments.

Furthermore, eco-friendly pest control targets the source of the problem, increasing the likelihood that you won’t have the same problem again in the future.


  • Your Pets are not harmed

This is particularly critical for your dogs. Your dog or cat will not be exposed to hazardous (and perhaps fatal) chemicals if you use a low-toxic pest treatment.


  • Landscaping will not be harmed

Reapplication of traditional pest control treatments is required every month or so. Spraying these harsh chemicals on your property on a regular basis is not only terrible for your health, but also for the health of your landscaping!

Grass, bushes, and other plants commonly shrivel and die as a result of toxic pest management measures. Furthermore, because these chemicals can remain buried in the soil for a long time, regeneration may be problematic.


  • There is no strong odor

After application, conventional products will remain in the air. These products have a strong odor, so you and your family will be sitting in a stinky house, inhaling harmful chemicals. Environmentally friendly solutions, on the other hand, have no unpleasant odor and will not remain or spread throughout your home.

ASM Pest Control has dedicated itself to offering the best environmentally friendly pest control services in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Abbotsford, Mission and much more. Our environmentally friendly extermination procedures have been particularly created to be completely safe and effective.

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