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4 Best Day Trips From Nassau

Are you planning a tropical holiday trip to the best day trips from Nassau? Nassau is home to hilly landscapes, gorgeous beaches, coral reefs, colonial buildings, charming resorts, cafes, and stunning attractions. Moreover, it is one of the largest cities and the capital of the largest city, lying on New Providence island. Since it is a top-rated Caribbean vacation destination, it offers endless interesting things to do and see.

In addition, snorkeling and diving are popular things to do on the beaches. Tourists will fall in love with the exclusive nightlife and beach life and make sure to spend most happening days. 

Get to know about the best day trips from Nassau with the help of a comprehensive travel guide.

Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau

Blue Lagoon Island is a beautiful private island that lies five kilometers from Nassau and offers eye-catching scenery in abundance. It is also known as the Salt City and results as the spectacular and most-visited attraction in the area. Going on cruise ship tours is the major highlight, and it offers fine dining arrangements and beautiful scenes. If you are an adventurous person, you can’t miss the fun of the beach activities. You might get to see and interact with dolphins and sea lions. 

In addition, there is a possibility to be a part of the dolphins and sea lions. Beach lovers can spend a day on Segways and relish the unique experience of swimming and snorkeling in the lagoon. The nearest airport to the area is the Nassau Airport, and you can book cheap flights at JetBlue. You can learn about JetBlue change flight policy and customize tickets as per the requirements. 

Gambier Village 

It is one of the ancient villages in New Providence in the Bahamas, dating back to the early 1800s. It lay 10 miles west of Nassau and was built by independent Americans after the slave trade abolishment in 1806. Legendary figures like Elijah Morris left a mark on the village’s history, and in 1841, he fought the great slave battle in America. Moreover, tourists can be a part of major highlights on the day trip to the Gambier village. It includes the Thatched huts, the community well, Elijah’s descendants, the St. Peter’s Baptist Church, and the Rock Oven. 

Explore the Atlantis Paradise Island

The Atlantis Paradise Island spreads over 685 acres of land and is originally known as the Hog Island. It is connected to New Providence Island by two giant bridges crossing Nassau Harbour. Out of two, the first bridge was built in 1966, and the second bridge was built in the late 1990s. The island truly defines its name and is well-known for the beautiful Atlantis resort, alluring beaches, swimming pools, and rides. Moreover, it also features a water park, aquarium, entertainment venue, and luxurious hotels. 

Another best thing about the site is its classic architecture and designs, and it attracts tons of people out there. It exhibits helmeted domes, massive bronze doors, and giant bronze doors. Moreover, the island is home to several tropical species and an aquarium, a unique site to explore in the area. 

Cable Beach, Nassau

If you want to spend the best tropical holiday in Nassau, you must head to Cable beach. It lies four miles off the coast and demonstrates the high-end resorts and luxurious hotels in the country. Its crystal clear waters and large palm trees make the place look more beautiful. Tourists can spend the best evenings here and see the gorgeous view of sunsets with naked eyes. In short, it is an ideal location to escape from the city and spend some quality time with closed ones. 

In addition, the water is clean and always warm, making the beach ideal for swimming throughout the year. Besides, you can find hotels and restaurants, including Breezes, Sandals Royal Bahamian and Melia Nassau Beach Hotel. Additionally, you can party all night as most of the clubs and bars are open for the entire night.

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