3 things to note when hiring a private violin teacher

What do we need to take note when we hire a private violin teacher?

Do you wish to learn to play the violin? If so, you will gain not only a good hobby but also great benefits. Playing the violin has been proven to provide physical benefits such as posture correction and upper body strength. It also has mental benefits like relaxation and anti-depression. Furthermore, being able to play the violin has opened many social opportunities. Thus, many people including adults look for a private violin teacher to teach them the violin.

There are many qualified violin teachers in Singapore. There are also websites like Violin Lessons Singapore where you inquire about affordable violin lessons. As an aspiring violinist, you would want an instructor who can effectively teach you. In this article, we’ll help you determine which violin teacher you should hire. Listed below are three things to note when hiring a private violin teacher.

The education of the private violin teacher

Although there are many violin teachers in Singapore, only a handful of them was able to get a formal violin education. Several violin teachers are either self-taught or were taught by another experienced violinist. For that reason, there are plenty of violin instructors that lack other key knowledge of playing the violin.

There are violin instructors that may not know music theory. They might not also know that other violin playing techniques apart from what they already know. They may also not be equipped to teach you how to create new songs with the violin. Therefore, it is vital that the education of the violin lessons Singapore instructor should be taken into consideration.

 It is good to pick a violin mentor that has a Bachelor’s degree in music. They should have also mastered playing the violin. They should also be familiar with almost all of the violin techniques. A good violin lessons Singapore instructor will take the initiative to learn more about the violin. If they have not taken any formal education, they will find ways to get a degree or at least a certificate. They would want to validate their violin skills. Moreover, they’ll do this so they can be assured of giving quality violin education and attract more violin students.

The teaching experience of the private violin teacher

Aside from a good educational background, a good violin lessons Singapore mentor should also have good teaching experiences. One thing is that they should have taught in a recognized music institution. It could be in a public school system or a private one. 

If you do encounter a violin teacher that taught violin at a public school, you should definitely consider that teacher. That is because getting hired in the public school system is not easy. Aside from high recruitment standards, the violin lessons instructor has to beat out other very qualified applicants to get the position. Thus, a violin mentor from a public school is usually one of the best.

A violin lessons Singapore teacher who has taught in a private institution is also a good choice. After all, employers don’t just hire anybody without scrutinizing their credibility and skills. You can also try hiring those violin instructors that worked in a private music studio. Just make sure that these violin instructors are not newbies. The number of years of teaching experience is something that you should take note of before hiring a private violin teacher.

The teaching techniques of the private violin teacher

Each violin instructor has their own teaching methods and techniques. It is essential to make sure that their violin teaching methods are suitable for you. This is so you can be assured that this violin lessons Singapore mentor can help you achieve your violin goals. 

Furthermore, it is important that you understand the type of violin curriculum that will be used in the sessions. You should make sure that the curriculum will also tackle music theory and proper musicianship. This is so that you will be able to develop a proper violin technique that will serve as a strong foundation of your violin education. Thus, be sure to ask your private violin teacher prospect about their violin teaching techniques and curriculum.

Hire a teacher 

Finding a violin teacher is not that difficult as long as you have a list of the kind of teacher that you want. You should base your private violin teacher needs on the goals you want to achieve. This is so you will be able to set the appropriate standard when choosing the right violin instructor for you.

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