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3 popular tyre types you should know if you are a car enthusiast

Have a glance at the automobile industry and you will discover that there is no part of the car that is as diverse and extensive as tyres.

Have a glance at the automobile industry and you will discover that there is no part of the car that is as diverse and extensive as tyres. Regardless of what car you have, what jobs need to be done or what weather you drive in, there are all kinds of tyres available in the market.

As you’d know, buying a tyre is not an easy decision if you don’t understand the dynamics and the factors which affect your driving.

There are numerous types of tyres available in the market where each one serves a different purpose.

All season tyres

Introduced in the late 1970s, all-season tyres were made known in the market, to solve the problem of changing tyres constantly for different seasons, including summer and winter months.

The tread in all-season is special in a way that it incorporates compounds and rubbers which can stay flexible in both seasons including summer and winter. The unique tread makes the vehicle stable on snowy roads and also grips the road in rainy weather by channelling water out of the way.

Many all-season tyres have a sign, “M+S” embossed on it. This symbol stands for Mud+Snow which indicates that the tyre has all-season potential.

While the names of the tyre suggest that it can be used throughout the year in varying weather conditions, many tyres don’t perform well when the temperature goes above 45 F.

Benefits of all-season tyres:

  • All-seasons tyres last longer because unlike specialised tyres, the tread in these tyres is designed to work in different weather conditions. Generally, a good quality all-season tyre will last 3 or 4 months longer than a summer tyre.
  • All season tyres are cheaper compared to other specialised tyres, which have state-of-the-art design and different tread.
  • These tyres come with extensive warranties
  • Specialized tyres, due to the distinctive tread pattern, cannot ensure smooth rides. On the other hand, all-season tyres offer comfortable drives.

Highway Tires

Highway can only be used on smooth terrains such as roads and highways because these are specially designed for such type of surfaces. They also offer long mileage warranty.

Benefits of highway tyres

  • Increased tread life: The tread in highway tyres is designed to maximise comfort. When you drive, the noise will be extremely low and drives will be smooth. This factor also increases the life of the tread.
  • Great grip on wet roads: Most highway tyres have tiny siping grooves which divert the water from the path and enable the tyre to maintain appropriate traction with the road. These sipes are usually present on the tyres in a wavy pattern.
  • Fuel-efficiency: Highway tyres are designed while keeping in mind the fact that these will be driven mostly on well-paved surfaces at high velocity. As the rides are comfortable and smooth, the fuel economy is automatically increased.
  • Better braking: As the tyres don’t have an aggressive or sturdy tread pattern, the braking is also sharp and quick.

All-Terrain Tyres

Offering perfect grip on different terrains, All-terrains typers are crafted for people who have diversified driving needs. For instance, if you usually commute to the office through highway but at weekends you also like to go on off-road trips, then all-terrain tyres are just the perfect match for you.

These tyres are created with a versatile tread that grips soft terrains and also grips well on the roads. Many people who only drive on roads and highways opt for all-terrain tyres thinking that someday they might have to travel off-road. However, it might not be the right choice. If you usually drive on well-paved surfaces, choose highway tyres.

All-terrain tires are perfect for:

  • SUVs
  • 4-wheeler cars
  • Pickup trucks
  • Light trucks

Benefits of All-terrain tyres

  • Works throughout the year: Since all-terrain tyres are engineered to deliver on every type of surface including snow, ice, sand and roads, you don’t need to replace it if the weather changes or you plan to go on an itinerary.
  • Sturdy Sidewalls: The reinforced sidewalls increase the capacity to endure heavyweight.

There are numerous car tyre brands. If you are looking for the best car tyres in UAE, make sure to do thorough research and keep your basic needs as the top priority.

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