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1BHK Household Moving Cost in Delhi?

We know that there are several things that may affect packers and movers charges or expenses you bear during a household move. Be it the quantity of your goods, distance of the move or the time when you are moving, everything is considered by the moving companies in Delhi to determine the moving expenses, before quoting price. Do you want to know how much will it cost to relocate with 1BHk household goods? Well for that you have to understand many things. We’ll discuss everything to help you to estimate the cost of your household move within Delhi and also know the exact cost of 1BHK shifting in Delhi.

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When it comes to relocate, people start searching about the cost of house shifting in Delhi even before searching for a reliable moving company. Or, they request for moving quotes just to know about packers and movers Delhi rates and charges. The normal cost of 1BHK household shifting in Delhi will be approximate Rs. 3.000 – Rs. 8,000. The charges will be in between these two amounts, but the distance and your other requirements can affect the prices. Following are the expenses that will help you to know how much exactly you would pay to your movers and how much it will cost you to move locally in Delhi.

Packers and movers fees

When you hire a moving company in Delhi then they will add their moving fees which means for packing, loading, unloading and transporting the goods they will charge you. If you are moving with movers and packers Delhi then you will have to add their fees. Below are the factors on the basis of which they determine their packers and movers charges:-

Labor cost

Usually they charge Rs. 900 per worker. And if you are moving with your 1BHK household goods then only 2 staff would be required to pack your belongings, which means 1,800 would be their labor costing.

Packing supplies

If you will ask them to use high-quality packaging materials then it will increase your moving charges. But as you are moving locally, you can use normal quality of packaging materials.

Moving equipment

To handle bulky and heavy items the moving equipment are needed. And if you have such kind of goods then movers will have to use which will increase their fees.

Total duration of the move

Usually in local household shifting the moving agencies charge as per hour basis. It takes 4-5 hours to pack and move 1BHK household items.

And if you are doing it yourself then it you will have to bear the same expenses and also the transportation cost. You will have to book rental moving truck to transport the goods. So, including all these things you it will cost approximately Rs. 6,000 to relocate 1BHK house locally in Delhi. And to know the exact cost of the move get estimates from top moving companies in Delhi to compare packers and movers Delhi charges for 1BHk house shifting and choose the one that best fits your budget.

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