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15 Top Notch and Inspiring Clothing Trends of 2020

What is the clothing's trend now?

The new autumn-winter 2020 season, finds us with many edges, among them, invites us to go back in time and play with many textures among which are the paintings, leathers, prints, and volumes that were seen in other seasons but now they come back with more force. When spring is mixed with the Autumn-Winter 2020 shows, the coolest trends of the moment are born and above all, those that we can wear from now until the end of next year. Among what I have been able to identify is the following:

  1. 70′s

The last part of the 70′s gives us an empowered woman bringing out her super elegant masculine side and always with a fun touch so that the look remains cool. Photo:  Balenciaga,  Celine par Hedi Slimane,  Burberry.

  1. Punk & Grunge Edition

Punk meets grunge to result in a liberal woman and at the same time gives us longing for the 90′s where what mattered was to make the voice of women known in the last decade of the 20th century. Photo:  Alexander McQueen, Prada, Louis Vuitton

  1. Winter Safari

Beige colors flood the catwalks to give us a super versatile style that we can commonly see in the summer but designers show us that in winter it can also look cool and super modern. They are packed in attractive garment boxes to impress the customers.

  1. Loose Pants

Goodbye to skinny jeans and everything that is tight, today everything is loose for a relaxed and modern style. Designers are crying out for us to stop using everything that was used in recent years to go to relax-chic.

  1. Culottes

These pants are making a strong comeback and the designers are not apologizing as many proposals wear it blatantly.

  1. Ties and Ties

The masculine and feminine side of women never looked better than last season.

  1. Neon

As it was used in the 80s, neon is worthy of staying again one more season for more girls to try and use it as what the designers propose.

  1. Layers

Layers give a bohemian touch to a look, this season, these garments add to the feminine wardrobe

  1. Pied de Poule

The “houndstooth” texture is a MUST and we can use it mostly on coats, blouses, or accessories.

  1. Tweed and Plaid

The world of fashion never stops. The trends come and go; some fade and others return with the snap of the designers’ fingers.

  1. The Feathers

A bit extravagant, but also a trend that returns from time to time. A bit vintage, very sophisticated, and the coolest and most beautiful detail that you can add to any look. The custom garment boxes used by the brands to market these innovatively designed wears are also incomparable in quality, class, and elegance.

  1. The Satin Dresses

As it is, these light and sexy dresses will never go out of style. They are simple and elegant, but they are also cool and comfortable. That is absolute perfection.

  1. Leather Garments

Whether they are skirts, shorts, or dresses, these garments work especially in the spring days that we have left and the weather is half bipolar and from September onwards.

  1. Utility

That is all those garments that are inspired by working gear. We can find it in jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, and vests and they are all mega cool and versatile. The endless designs are offered by the brands can easily enhance the reputation of a brand. All you have to do is choose the best design as per your desire.

  1. Pistachio Green

The beige and neon colors are fighting the post for the favorite color of the fashionistas, but the truth is that this green between pastel and neutral does wonders if you’re brown. Plus, it’s so pretty and unexpected that you’ll be the best dressed anywhere.

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