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15 Covid Lockdown home-based jobs

In covid someone can do one of the following home-based jobs.

Become a virtual assistant

This is not the most glamorous job on the list, but it’s one of the most popular work-from-home opportunities. You may have the following responsibilities depending on where you work: booking hotel accommodations, taking notes and organizing schedules, maintaining them, compiling (digital), paperwork, reading, and researching for your employer. Crunch

These opportunities exist in a variety of niches. So search on job boards for these opportunities and then network to identify promising open positions.

Fiverr is your best bet!

This is not the most glamorous job on the list, but it’s one of the most popular work-from-home opportunities. Depending on where you work, you might have virtual assistant responsibilities that include booking accommodations, taking notes, organizing, maintaining schedules and compiling (digital), documentation, reading, and research on behalf of your employer.

These opportunities are available in many niches. So search on job boards for them and then network to identify promising open positions.

Fiverr is your best bet!

Do you cross-stitch? Are you good at making your own pillows Do you prefer to work with clay? All these crafts can be sold at a profit and some even quite high. Different crafts offer different profit margins. This depends on the skill level and competition.

You can still sell craft products reliably if your market is right. Either use an online marketplace like Etsy to get you started or start your own site.

Sell art

Your art may also be sold online. Most importantly, it’s better to develop a personal brand, connect on social media, and showcase your latest creations.

Additionally, building a personal brand will help to establish a reputation. In addition, people will be more willing to purchase your work if you can show them your face and personality. Although art is subjective, it can be difficult to get into.

Create new business ideas

If you’re creative, and like advertising, you could earn a decent living by inventing business ideas. There are many options. For example, you could write new company names or taglines for emerging businesses. Or even create jingles that will be used in new ads and marketing campaigns.

For those who are just starting out in the game, there will be contests to enter. But once you build up a reputation as well as a portfolio, it’s possible to sell your work to higher-paying clients.


Do you love being in the kitchen? Are you a lover of cupcakes made of red velvet? There are many ways to convert this hobby into a business. You don’t even need to open your own bakery. Your baked goods can be sold online. Make sure you adhere to all local regulations when selling food products.

The cost of baking materials is often low, so there is tremendous potential for profitability.

Promote a website

You can still start your own blog even if you aren’t a great blogger. To strike a chord with your readers, you will need to try a new angle. For instance, you could post comic strips regularly or accept submissions from users of embarrassing photographs.

Every way you can reach people is a good idea. Once you have your audience, you are able to display advertising or sell additional goods and/or services. For inspiration, take a look at the huge empire that I Can Have Cheezburger built simply by posting hilarious cat pictures.


This is a good option for anyone looking to change careers and work from home. If you have years of experience, skills, and knowledge, let them use it. You can often have one-on-one consultations over the phone, or by video chat, depending on your experience. Consultants charge hundreds of dollars for this type of workshop.

You will need to build a solid personal brand and have reliable references to get any deals.


Coaching is informal consulting. It’s usually for consumers, not businesses. There are many options, so be creative. You could also consider coaching weight loss or other athletics. If you have experience in helping people navigate difficult decisions and life events, you might be able to become a “Life Coach”.

As is the case with consulting, you will need to build a good reputation. London-Post

Flip websites

You can fix up websites that aren’t working to their potential, market them, then monetize them and sell them for a great profit if your skills in online marketing are good. You can make use of a site such as to locate, purchase websites, and list them available for sale.


If you have a lot of savings, you might be able to turn yourself into a small bank. This is called peer-to–peer lending and it has become quite popular because of the technology that makes it possible. Depending on the platform you choose, there are many options available. These include making one-to-one loans and pooling your assets for loans. In addition, you have different “grades,” or clients offering different levels of risk and rewards.

Do data entry

Although it’s not a glamorous job, this is still a job that’s readily available. This job is perfect for someone who doesn’t have niche skills or deep knowledge. This could include filling in spreadsheets, entering bills into a database, and many other tasks. This job may not seem like much, but it is easier than most jobs.


Next, you might learn to program. There are variety of programming languages at the moment to choose from. These include programs that allow you to create websites and make your own video games. This is the most versatile option on the list, as programming is highly in demand and has many benefits. If you have a good understanding of a language that is useful, your possibilities are virtually endless. The problem is often starting. Codecademy, a site that teaches everything for free, is a great option.

Create apps

When you have mastered a programming language you will quickly gain experience working for different employers and in a niche. You may eventually turn your attention to more creative work. A stream of recurring revenue can be created by creating your app (similar to creating your website). This is especially true if your app charges for downloads offers in-app purchases, or doubles down on advertising.

Focus on real-estate

If you have the funds, invest in one or more rental properties. If you take your time and hire good tenants, you can make more income from renting than you will in mortgage payments or maintenance. This may not give you a full income, but it will provide you with an additional income stream that you won’t need to leave your home for. Be aware that landlords must take on many responsibilities such as maintaining the property well and managing tenant turnover.


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