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14 Reasons Why Learning Quran Lessons Online in Arabic

The many foreign languages you can learn
why is Arabic worth learning? Quran Lessons Online It is not an easy language to learn and has nothing in common with English. This makes it difficult for English speakers to learn it well. But, learning Arabic can also have its benefits Quran Lessons Online.

If you consider the benefits of learning Arabic

The time and effort you put into learning the language will be well worth it. Arabic is a South and Middle Semitic Semitic language. It in most of the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East and parts of North Africa. The most spoken languages in these regions are Arabic, Persian. Turkish, Kurdish and Hebrew. These languages belong to different language families. Turkish belongs to the Turkic language family. The Indo-European languages are Kurdish and Persian. Hebrew and Arabic belong to the Afroasiatic language family. Besides to these main languages, some 20 minority languages in the Middle East Quran Lessons Online.
Arabic is a broad language with 30 modern varieties or dialects. Literary Arabic, also known as Standard Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Today in official speech and writing in the Arab world. While Classical Arabic in Islamic literature from the 7th to the 9th century. It is the language of the Qur’an. Modern Standard Arabic on the Classical version, and the differences. Between the two relate to the simplification and modernization. Of its writing and speaking. Modern Standard Arabic in modern editions of the Qur’an. And in modern editions of Abbasid and Umayyad novels and poetry.
Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world. According to Ethnology, some 315 million. People in 58 countries speak Arabic as their mother tongue Quran Lessons Online.

Learning Arabic will make you stand out

As few Westerners speak it. Mastering Arabic will make you seem smart and sophisticated. 
Learning a language is learning the culture of the country where the language. Arabic culture is rich and interesting. Learning a language gives you the opportunity to read some famous literary classics. If you are a fan of Aladdin. Ali Baba and Sinbad the Sailor, imagine reading many. Of the stories of Alf laylah wa laylah (A Thousand and One Nights) or the original poetry of Ḥāfeẓ and Ahmad Shawq.

you can benefit

The Middle East is rich in natural resources, and speaking Arabic Quran Lessons Online will open up many jobs for you.


you will experience true Arab hospitality

Arabs are very proud of their language. Unlike Germans, who are not impressed that foreigners. Can speak their language, Arabs show the opposite. Once a native Arabic speaker has heard a foreigner speak a few words. Of Arabic, they will be happy and eager to help you learn their language.

Even if you are in the West

you will have an advantage over your competitors. The demand for fluent Arabic speakers is quite high, and few Westerners try to learn Arabic. The US secret services need people who are fluent in Arabic. Many companies, such as translators and interpreters, need Arabic speakers.
Other sectors where Arabic language skills include intelligence. And foreign affairs, consultancy, banking and finance, education and journalism.


Once you know Arabic

you can learn other languages in the region more , such as Persian or Farsi, Turkish, Urdu and even Hebrew. Most of the vocabulary of these languages from Arabic and is like Arabic, so you will be able to pick up. The semantic and grammatical concepts of other languages.

Travel to the Middle East becomes easier

A significant proportion of Arabs speak English, but many others. Speak only Arabic as their main language. Even if you only know a few common words and phrases, it’s best to know the local language. This will help you appreciate the traditional villages and other attractions.

If you are an American

you can take advantage of the financial incentives offered. By the US government for those interested in learning Arabic.
The government has declared Arabic a language of strategic importance
And the National Strategic Languages Initiative promotes. The learning of several languages. That are vital to the government’s foreign policy and foreign relations. It provides learning opportunities and scholarships for those interested in learning key languages. Support ranges from introductory courses to advanced. Courses, professional development, teacher exchanges, intensive teaching and study abroad. You can find out more about the Key Language Scholarship Programme. The Bolen Award of the National Security. Training Programme and the Arabic Language Abroad Flagship Programme.
If you are planning to join a trading company, import/export firm or start your own business. There are many opportunities in the Arab world. With a growing population, a huge GDP and a large market for the export of services and goods. Learning the Arabic language and. The culture of the people who speak the language will ease negotiations and business.

Arabic-speaking countries have made a significant contribution to global civilization

Many Arabs have contributed to philosophy, medicine and science. They have vast libraries. That preserve the scholarship of Byzantine, Roman and Greek cultures. You can explore the world of architecture, astrology, navigation. Mathematics and literature in their mother tongue.


Learning Arabic can make you an ambassador for your country

Many Americans have a negative attitude towards Arabic speakers. Because they only learn about them from the mass media and movies. This is also true in the Arab world. If you study or work in the Middle East, you can help dispel misconceptions that. Arabs have about Americans and the United States.

Studying Arabic will give you important language skills

Learning French or Spanish is easier. And these languages can help you travel or work in different. Countries, especially in Europe. But, you will have more competition. Because there are more learners and speakers of these languages. If you study Arabic Online Quran Tutor, your language skills will be in high demand, as there is a shortage of supply. Moreover, if you study Mandarin Chinese, for example, your career will in a few countries. Whereas if you study Arabic, your opportunities will be much wider. As the language in 58 countries.

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