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11 Benefits of Choosing Roller Blinds

11 Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great option for any room in your house, but did you know that they have many benefits too?

Here are 11 reasons why roller blinds are so popular.

 1. They’re practical

Difficult to clean windows can really reduce the natural light coming into your home making it seem more dim and depressing. Roller blinds come with a choice of different slat widths giving you control over how much light comes through. This means that roller blinds work just as well on large windows allowing lots of natural light in as they do on small-paned windows where more privacy is needed.

 2. Improve security

Roller blinds offer better protection against break-ins than other types of window covering. They are difficult to remove quickly so intruders won’t have much time to react before being seen. They are also sturdy meaning that if climbed upon they are less likely to break. Making them a better option for high traffic areas where there is more chance of attempted break-ins.

3. Versatile

Roller blinds come in a range of styles and materials allowing you to choose the perfect one for your home, whilst matching both your décor and budget. There is even the choice between manual or motorized operating systems giving you complete control over how your roller blind operates. From solid colors made from 100% polyester offering simple privacy without blocking all light, or patterned fabrics designed not only look beautiful but provide subtle privacy too – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

4. They’re great value

Roller blinds are one of the most inexpensive window treatments available. Even better is that this cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean that they look cheap. Many roller blind fabrics come with a choice of stunning patterned designs or solid colors giving you maximum style for minimum cost.

5. Reduce noise

If you have problems with excessive noise from busy roads, railways, planes, or construction sites roller blinds are your answer. Fitting your windows in a room that gets lots of noise pollution with blackout roller blinds not only will it block out unwanted light. But also unwanted sound to making it much easier to relax and enjoy life without being constantly disrupted by loud background sounds. The best blackout roller blinds have been scientifically proven to reduce noise by as much as 80%.

6. Easily cleaned

The slats of a roller blind can be quickly and easily removed from the window to allow you to clean both sides of them. Rather than just one side like with other types of window treatments. This quick cleaning process means that your roller blind looks great for longer between replacements ensuring more value for money.

7. Prevent From moisture damage

Moisture damage is a common problem with many different types of window treatment but not so with roller blinds. They are 100% water repellent protecting your home from damage due to rain and snow. This makes them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements where excess moisture is regularly present. But also means they are great for conservatories too.

8. Reduce heat

Roller blinds are one of the most effective ways to insulate your home. Keeping it cool in summer and retaining heat in winter. They are perfect for windows that face south or west as their dark slatted design will help to absorb excess heat by up to 80%. Plus you won’t need to worry about blackout roller blinds blocking out sunlight either because their slatted structure allows just enough light through so that well-lit rooms don’t become too bright!

They’re easy to install   Most roller blinds can be installed without the need for any screws or tools – simply snap them into place! This makes them perfect if you rent a property with old windows, or are looking to save money on installation costs.

9. Safe for children

Roller blinds are one of the safest window treatments available. Creating a much safer learning environment by allowing your little one’s freedom to play without the risk of them falling out accidentally. They do not contain sharp edges so cannot harm your children if they run into them, and their slatted design means no loose cords which could pose a strangulation hazard should be present either.

10. Easy to open and close

With most roller blind fabrics weighing less than 100g/m² you can easily lift them up using just one hand. Perfect if you require the additional height that comes with taller windows! The lightweight nature also makes it easier to carry out cleaning duties and change your blinds.

11. Reduce heat and glare

An advantage of blackout roller blind fabrics is that they can be made from special materials such as microfibre which allow them to block out 95% of UV light – protecting skin, carpets, and furniture against fading. And blackout roller blinds will also help increase your comfort levels making your room much easier to live in during the hottest hours of the day too!

Why choose us?

We offer a range of different styles and colors at great value for money. Plus we offer FREE UAE delivery on all orders over 30 AED so finding the perfect choice has never been simpler. So if you’re looking for high-quality roller blinds at affordable prices make sure you take a look at our fantastic range today at Curtains Express.

Conclusion of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for many rooms as they can be used to block out excess light and heat, as well as noise from outside. They can also provide extra insulation against cold winter drafts, which make them perfect for those colder months. All their slatted design means that they’re safe to use with children. Preventing accidents caused by tripping over cords or getting shut inside the window frame.

Combining these benefits with their ease of installation and attractive appearance makes roller blinds an ideal choice for your home too! So if you’re looking to change the style of your room why not try roller blinds today? You’ll find our complete range at great value prices here at Curtains Express.

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