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10 Secrets to Lift Up Your Academic Writing Productivity to Heights!

Top 10 secrets to lift up your academic writing productivity to heights and get better time management for on-time completion.

In academics, good writing depends on various factors, such as quality, quantity, creativity, language, organization, planning, time management, tone, style, etc. But your writing productivity is the whole & sole of your document. An academic writer always focuses on productivity; they give their 100% input as they need 200% of the result as the outcome.

But how is it possible? Is there a way to achieve such goals? How to uplift academic writing productivity?

Tim Ferriss said “Focus on being productive instead of busy,” which means that for better writing, you should work to produce something useful and concentrate on productivity more than just doing something and being busy. Your results should be something that can stand on heights or something that can be admired or liked.

The most significant trouble is for the students as they are not professional writers and seek tricks for every writing task. But you don’t have to worry anymore, here are the amazing secrets that will impact the student’s academic work a lot. Here is the list of ways that will help you create productive documents for university & college-level writing.

10 Secret Ways for More Productive Academic Writing!

The various secret ways that can lead you to productive academic writing are as follows:

Prioritize Your Daily Task

You should prioritize your daily tasks by ranking them as per their need and urgency of writing. Eliminate the useless or less relevant work from your daily  academic writing schedule. Make sure you put your work above all the tasks necessary to do.

Maintain Daily Schedule

Always create a to-do list first in the morning and manage your whole day work properly. If you have almost the same schedule daily, then create a daily timetable to manage & organize all your tasks without wasting a minute. Manage your time & make every minute more productive with your writing.

Block All the Distractions

Whenever you sit for writing, keep all the gadgets & other items away that can distract you from your work. Writing is a task of focus & dedication that you cannot perform with distractive things around you. So, block them all & choose a neat & clean place with peaceful environment.

Take Frequent Breaks & Enjoy to the Fullest

You have to give some time for breaks in your schedule. You cannot work like a machine without taking a rest. Also, take short rest in between your writing.

After every 30-45 minutes of writing, you must take a break for 10-15 minutes & take complete rest. You can also use the Pomodoro technique, as it is a very famous & successful method to save yourself from stress.

Motivate Yourself & Make Up Your Mind to Write

How to get started with my work? How to make myself write? These questions are popular among students as they procrastinate when it comes to writing academic papers. That’s why for productive academic writing, it is very crucial to motivate yourself for writing.

You can decide some rewards that you will get after complteing the writing in a time boundation to create a competitive environment. Ask your friends how much they have done writing & invite your mates for group writing. These ways will make you write until your is completed

Keep a Track on Your Daily Word Count & Time

You can keep track of your writing productivity to improve it more, especially when you are working on a lengthy task, such as a dissertation or thesis. You need to count the words you write in a time period & make it a goal to cross when you will write next time.

This way, you will be able to increase your productivity day by day. Dissertation and thesis are 300 to 400-pages of work that really needs to keep a track on the progress for on-time submission.

Edit Your Work Only After the Writing Is Done

Many students write one section & edit their work, but that is wrong. The expert academic writers always suggest to keep writing until your work is finished & then after the break of two days, one should edit or proofread their work.

Breaking the writing process in between & doing other work will affect your productivity. It will confuse you & distract you from your writing flow. So, keep writing, leaving all the other tasks for later.

Keep a Notebook Beside to Write Your Extra Thoughts

It is possible that while researching or writing, you will get some ideas in your mind that you can add to your paper. Maintain a notebook for all these thoughts and jot down all your opinions in it. These points can be beneficial at the time of reviewing your work. You may find some blank space in your writing where these points can fit properly.

Avoid Multitasking & Keep Your Focus Only on Your Writing

Many students think that they can do various works at the same time they are writing. Avoid such thoughts & keep your complete concentration on your writing task. Talking with your friends, watching TV, listening to music, or doing other activities will decrease your productivity and make your writing less meaningful.

So, don’t try to be a multitasker & only do one thing at a time.

Create Two Drafts for Every Academic Task – Initial & Final

Developing two drafts is the academic experts’ trick. In the initial paper, you should write & write & write, and in the final draft, you must perform the editing & final changes required in the content. It helps manage all the information you think is necessary for your paper and ease the editing for the final document.

Above are the various 10 secrets to lift up your academic writing productivity to heights and get better time management for on-time completion. These tricks will be most beneficial for time-bounded writing as these tips will increase the writing output for students. Hope, you will find this article helpful as provided to ease the student’s work.

Author’s Bio

Millie Mowry is an academic writer at the Global Assignment Help and loves to share his secrets & methods of writing with the students. She has achieved a master’s degree in literature, which makes him the best choice to ask for assignment help. She loves cooking & fishing in his free time. She is also a founder and manager of the tools like essay typer in the organization.

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