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10 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Virtual Events in 2021

We all know that virtual events have received an ample amount of love from every corner of the world. Oftentimes, individuals wonder what made virtual events so popular. Well, we have just the right answer for you! Virtual events have enabled organisations to host brainstorming sessions that empower each and every candidate to participate in their events virtually.

Virtual events are quite budget-friendly. So,  you do not have to worry about burning a gigantic hole in your pocket. Additionally, these types of events are comparatively more effective than the traditional ways of hosting events. Over the past few months, we have seen a significant inclination towards the virtual world and types of virtual events.

Industrialists are taking great endeavours to host exhilarating virtual events for targeting their audience. If you are one of them, don’t worry because you have come to the right place. Although virtual events might sound quite interesting and easy to host, these are not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a lot of crucial aspects that require your attention.

In the Hustle and bustle of hosting a virtual event, organisers usually forget to cross-check the crucial aspects. Thus, in this article, we have summarised a few pointers to help you avoid the most common mistakes while hosting a virtual event. So, without any further delay, let’s get into unwinding the top 10 mistakes which are most common for virtual event organisers.

Top 10 Key Mistakes To Avoid In A Virtual Event

1. Not Targeting the Appropriate Audience

When an organisation hosts a virtual event, they have certain objectives to target. In order to achieve all these objectives, it is important to reach your desired audience. For example, if you are planning to host a virtual product launch for your upcoming beauty line, you might want to attract all the social media influencers and youngsters that are more diverted towards makeup products. On the other hand, if you reach the professional section of our society who belong to the working class, you will not yield appropriate benefits. Thus, it is essential to target your required audience on time.

2. Picking the Wrong Platform

In today’s competitive market, virtual event platforms have come up with a variety of tools and equipment. If you’re planning to host a successful virtual event, you must sit down and thoroughly analyse the best suitable virtual event platform for your upcoming event. We recommend you to opt for the most flexible virtual event platform. Additionally, you should opt for inbuilt features as this will avoid a lot of chaos. Opting for a virtual event platform that provides features like AI matchmaking, access control, networking, gamification, live elements, and so forth is a powerful move in our opinion.

3. Selecting Poor Features

If you do not inculcate the appropriate features in your virtual event, undeniably it is going to be a disaster. Participants from every corner of the world come together at a virtual event platform to discuss and learn new ideologies. If you fail to provide them with the appropriate facilities, they will have a negative image of your brand. Therefore, we suggest you incorporate essential engagement features, networking opportunities, along with live elements to boost the performance of your virtual event.

4. Not Paying Attention to The Speakers

Speakers play a crucial role in the success of a virtual event. It is possible to channelise your ideologies and effectively communicate with the virtual attendees with the help of speakers only. If your speakers are not trained and cannot effectively promote your ideologies, it is time for you to change them. Working with unprofessional speakers will result in a mediocre virtual event and you surely do not want that.

5. Neglecting Proper Breaks

As we all know, virtual events empower the participants to maintain maximum comfort. This implies that a majority of your virtual attendees partake from the comfort of their houses. We all know that this makes them more susceptible to innumerable distractions. In order to boost their attention power, it is your responsibility to provide them with an appropriate number of breaks to rejuvenate themselves appropriately.

6. Avoiding Test Runs

Test runs are significantly important if you are planning to host a virtual event. As we all know, a lot of things can go wrong at the last minute. For example, you might face some technical inconvenience, the participants may face difficulty in navigating through your platform, the speakers might face technical glitches, and so forth.

In order to reduce the chances of this happening, we recommend you to indulge in a significant number of test runs. If you make sure to rehearse several times before going live on a virtual event, chances are your event is going to be a huge success.

7. Not Facilitating The Sponsors

Sponsors, as well as exhibitors, contribute a lot to the success of a virtual event. They not only facilitated financial expenses but also helped in effective promotion due to their brand’s name. Thus, it is your responsibility to cater to all their expectations that provide an appropriate return on investment. If you do not facilitate your sponsors, you might face difficulty in partnering with different brands in the near future. Moreover, it also majorly affects your organisation’s image. Thus, we highly recommend you to foster your relations with sponsors as well as exhibitors.

8. Forgetting About the Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities allow individuals to expand their administrations and interact with numerous participants. If your virtual event platform does not provide appropriate networking features to the individuals, they will be quite disappointed. The virtual attendees are often looking for a seamless environment that promotes networking. In order to solve this problem, you must incorporate elements like networking tables, business card exchanges, networking lounges, and a lot more.

9. Ineffective Communication During the Event

Communication plays a major role in the success of any event. Both parties need to interact freely and share ideas regarding various aspects. It is also essential that you interact with your virtual attendees and analyse whether they were able to comprehend your messages or not. In order to achieve all these targets, you must incorporate essential elements. There are dedicated features provided by virtual event platforms that facilitate communication. For example, you can use features like live audio and video call, live chat, live question and answer sessions and so forth.

10. Not Analysing the Feedbacks

In a virtual event, the participants are often provided with a feature of feedback. This empowers them to share their perspectives and elaborate more on their experience. This helps the virtual event organisers analyse whether their event was successful or not. Analysing the feedback is a crucial step. If you try to eliminate this,  chances are you will be hosting virtual events that are not satisfactory enough. This will negatively affect your brand’s image in the long term.

Wrapping Up

Virtual events are one of the most convenient tech-savvy innovations that provide an exhilarating opportunity to individuals. Hybrid and Virtual event platforms offer organisations to host brainstorming sessions with the utmost ease. Virtual events are quite budget oriented as well as effective. Furthermore, these types of events do not follow any type of limitation.

Numerous attendees can partake in a virtual event simultaneously. Due to its never-ending list of pros, virtual events have been gaining significant popularity over the last few months. Therefore, in the above-mentioned article, we have summarised 10 mistakes that you must definitely avoid if you are planning to host a virtual event. After thoroughly analysing several virtual event platforms and interacting with the experts, we have summarised the above-mentioned article.

We trust that this article will provide you with some truthful information and help you understand the concept of virtual events in a descriptive manner.

Saanvi Patel

Saanvi is a creative blogger and social media marketing manager. Her interest is in researching the latest technologies of social media, science and write about all kinds of topics in worldwide. In her free time, she loves to travel and reading fiction books.

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