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10 Cars Mostly Use in Processions for Kings


members of the British royal family prefer Bentley limousines, and the queen of Britain has two of these cars, one dedicated to mobility, the other dedicated to events, initially designed specifically for queen Elizabethan.

United States

President joe biden’s car has 46 metal plates for being the 46th president of the united states.

GM has begun delivering the cadillac best or monster to the u.s. secret service, which belongs to the previous generation but is equipped with state-of-the-art security technology.

Made of steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramics, the chassis is reinforced with steel plates under the car to protect it from mines and bombs, weighing up to nine tons, and the cost of the monster car is $1.5 million.

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Emperor of japan prefers to travel ina toyota centuryroyal,which is up to six meters long and two meters wide, and is made locally injapan.


Russian president uses his armored vehicle, the oros limousine, which was made entirely in russia, instead of his mercedes to send a national message about Russian self-sufficiency and the development of his country’s automotive industry.

Car has a hybrid turbo V12 engine, 12cylinders, powered by an 850-horsepower turbocharger, developed with the help of Porsche.


mercedes baines sclass. angela merkel’s main vehicle is an s600 and the cars is designed ingermany.


Rich president’s motorcade in italy includes two types of car brands: the first – the 85-year-old lancia theser limousine, a specially made armored car in Italy. the other cars is dedicated to visiting world leaders, the matzerati quattroporte.


The type of car used in the president’s motorcade in china is the firstin terms of quality and performance among all Chinese cars;


President’s motorcade in india is a benzs60 limousine from the german luxury cars giant mercedes and this car is designed specifically for the indian president to become highly protective, and included steel doors resistant to several types of bullets, in addition to luxury and luxury of a special type inside the cockpit of the car.


The Moroccan king’s Mercedes Pullman is 600, but the rest of themercedes-benz s500 is largely enough to protect the Moroccan king.


Current Egyptian president, mr. abdel fattah el-sisi, has appeared in three cars since he was defense minister; he appeared in a range rover, and during his vote in the presidential election he appeared in the model of the seventh category 7s of the German giant bmw, and during his inauguration as president of the republic, he appeared in the cars of the other German cars giant Mercedes, which was a major factor in securing the procession.

But Remember pandemic break out Stopped All Things

While virologists argue about when the epidemic will end, hoteliers are preparing to rebuild their work. Hotels in one form or another have existed for 2 thousand years and want to continue their activities in the post-image era. Tourists will come to St. Petersburg if the city becomes alive again, experts say.

There will be no inbound tourism to the extent that it was . International flights have been suspended until at least August. Then – it is not clear. Russia, unfortunately, is on the sidelines of world routes. Many airlines are gradually resuming their flights, for example, Emirates is already planning transatlantic flights to Europe and Great Britain. In the world tourist routes Petersburg only in recent years has taken a worthy position , when it was twice recognized as the best tourist destination in the world and Europe, such destinations as Baikal, Kamchatka, Altai gained recognition. We are still terra incognita for the whole world. I don’t think there will be foreign tourists for very long.

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Lack of Impression

But compatriots will go to St. Petersburg, people will want to make up for the lack of impressions . They will go if St. Petersburg is not only safe, but also a lively city – with pleasure boats, public spaces, parks, restaurants and bars, and, of course, hotels. All this must work in compliance with all the rules, which, of course, must be adhered to at any time. Now we hear that the museums will not be open until September. This means that tourists will have nothing to do in the city. Thus, St. Petersburg may remain empty until next summer.

Nowadays, very few guests live in our hotel , mainly those who chose it for self-isolation. Last year, at this time, the load was 77% .

But on what conditions it will be possible to resume full-fledged activities, it is not clear from the documents of Rospotrebnadzor. In the conditions of public transport, including metro and taxis, any requirements that we will fulfill can be leveled.

The economic model needs to be changed, from next summer we will live in a different reality . I would like to attract people to the city who can understand it. But without the crowds of Chinese tourists.

Petersburg has become a bit like the city of the 70s : empty, quiet and very beautiful. The city needs to be breathed again.

Auto Show

North America’s largest auto show. The event will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Specialists and amateurs come here from all over the world to see the latest in the automotive industry.

The oldest and largest sailing super-yacht regatta. Collects hundreds of both modern and classic sailing yachts, from 80 feet in length, built to individual projects or small series. The regatta takes place twice a year: in August in the American Newport, in March in Saint Barthélemy.

US Open is called the toughest test in the world. It is the second of the four largest competitions in this sport and is included in the official schedule of the PGA Tour and European Tour.

News, discoveries, festivals and events, All barriers and barriers have been dismantled. The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, plans to open all services and businesses 100 percent to full capacity by July 1, 2021. The
event billboard is filled with new dates for festivals, musicals, shows and exhibitions.


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