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Why You Should Opt for WooCommerce Mobile App Maker

The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App is getting adapted according to the latest trends in technological advancements. It is also used by most of the population around the world and mostly adopted by small and medium-sized businesses.

The WooCommerce iOS App Maker is also a no-code eCommerce plugin. That allows the eCommerce app to have ready-made mobile apps. The store admin can perform all the important activities from the modular backend even if the app is live. The WooCommerce Mobile App is also based on a no-code framework and helps businesses to grow in the most effective and efficient manner.

Key Features of WooCommerce Mobile App Maker

1. White label apps –

 The WooCommerce eCommerce Mobile App also gives a better branding opportunity to the eCommerce business by allowing them to launch the eCommerce app under their brand name. The store admin can also use their own splash screen, badge, app icon, app name in the shopping app.

2. Easy Customization-

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to perform all the activities without the implementation of coding language. This also makes the work of the store admin easy and he can conveniently perform all the changes by using the banners, images, sliders, intuitive colors, and fonts, etc. in the Android and IOS apps. 

3. Real-Time Synchronisation –

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker also allows the store admin to fully synchronize the Android app and IOS apps. All the changes in the product inventory performed by the store admin on the eCommerce store will get reflected in the mobile app. The store admin also does not need to perform the changes from two different places.  

4. Push Notifications –

The Mobile App for WooCommerce is a great way to make customers aware of the latest offers, discounts, and updates. The push notifications allow the store admin to send the notifications when the eCommerce app is closed and even when customers’ screens are locked. 

5. Offline Access –

The customers can smoothly and seamlessly use the shopping app even if they are having no or slow internet connection. The WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App Builder also supports offline access so that customers can fetch the Android app and iOS app when they are not connected to the internet.

6. Easy Registration and Login –

The WooCommerce Android App Builder also provides easy login and registration options to get entered into the Android and iOS app with one tap. The Android app and iOS app supports social login options (Facebook/Google) and email login and registration options. So that customers can conveniently get the login to the mobile app. 

7. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options –

The WooCommerce iOS App Maker also consists of multiple payment and shipping options available in the eCommerce store. The store admin can include all the payment and shipping options in the eCommerce app for easy transaction processing.

8. Multilingual and RTL Support –

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator supports all the regional, local and global languages. The store admin can easily include all the languages in the Android and iOS app available on the eCommerce website. It also supports most requested languages like RTL.

9. One-page Checkout –

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to only ask for the needed information from the customer end. It eliminates the need of filling the lengthy transaction process for easy transactions and customers can easily perform all the operations via the shopping app. 

10. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat –

The Mobile App for WooCommerce also consists of customer support options to enhance the satisfaction level among customers. The customers can face many queries and issues while selecting the product. The 24*7 customer support feature also consists of a mobile app and includes Zopim and Whatsapp Chat to resolve customer queries and issues.

Conclusion –

By considering the current marketing trend you should definitely give the WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App Builder. The WooCommerce Android App Builder also helps the business to grow and engage more customers with the mobile apps. These are some helpful features that might help you and to know more send us an email at support@knowband.com.

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