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What is the best way to prepare for the examination of class 8 science?

class 8 science examination

NCERT is always ready to help you with solutions. Class 8 annual exams are knocking at the door, there are few things you need to do to prepare for the annual examinations. 


NCERT has provided some NCERT solutions for class 8 science. These solutions will provide you with ample knowledge and help you improve your base and also help you develop the fundamentals of science. Class 8 science is really tough and you have to study hard to get good marks. Class 8 has some of the basic sciences that you need to know in your daily life. It includes,

  • Coal petroleum
  • Combustion and flame
  • Force and pressure
  • Friction
  • Sound
  • Cell structure and functions
  • Conservation of plants and animals 
  • Stars and solar system 
  • Light
  • Crop production
  • Synthetic fibers and plastics etc. 

Therefore, these are some of the basic sciences you are reading in class 8. 


You are confused right now, isn’t it? You are quite confused about how to start preparing for the exams. Don’t worry, we will help you get through this too. Scroll down and read all the points mentioned below to help you prepare for the upcoming annual exams. 

We have discussed each and every topic with an NCERT science expert before mentioning any pre-exam preparation tips. 

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Science

First of all, students, you need to make a list of all doubts. Now, try to clear all the doubts about reading the NCERT science textbook. Read the textbook thoroughly. 


  • We are suggesting you read all the chapters all over again because it might help you understand. Sometimes we don’t understand even the simplest sentences due to our fickle mindedness. Anyways, if you make a list it is possible that you don’t skip any important topic that is hard to understand. 


  • After noting down all the points, you have to talk to your teacher. Go, seek help from your teacher. Try to clear every single bit of doubt before exams. It will help you concentrate on your studies. It is better to clear your doubts than piling up everything and not being able to score well in science. It will be best if you start clearing your doubts as soon as possible, instead of keeping it stocked up for, before the exam rush. 


  •  Have you collected the previous year question paper? If yes, start practicing it. If not, collect it and then start practicing it. Previous years’ questions give you an insight into what lies ahead of you. Solve these papers like mini exams. It will help to learn time management. It is important to set time for solving each paper otherwise you won’t be able to complete your exam papers. Time management is very important. You need to save at least 15 mins for revision before submitting your answer sheet. 

NCERT Solutions For Class 8 Science- Practice Writing 

Just reading the masses and mesmerizing won’t help you top the exams. You will have to write what you learned to score good marks. Writing the answers will help you to remember the answers for a longer period of time. Writing even helps you improve the answer presentation style. 


Your answers should hold a unique style, the vocabulary should be appreciable. To achieve higher writing standards, you need to practice writing, there is no other way.


 Also, writing the answers after memorizing will help you figure out how much time you are taking to complete one single question. This will help you set your writing speed, so that at least 15 minutes can be saved before submission of your answer sheet. 

Maintain A Proper Schedule 

It is very important that you make your own schedule. Everything you do should have a definite time. This will help you bring out the most important and refreshing time of the day when you can actually study with a fresh mind. 


Try not to study late nights. It will hamper your sleep pattern. If you compromise your sleeping time, health issues might arise. 


Your exams are knocking at the door doesn’t mean you will forget about anything else, take breaks and do what you enjoy doing. It can be singing, painting, dancing, craft making, storybook reading anything, that will work as a refreshment. 


Eat right, drink a glass of milk every day before Bedtime. It helps to boost memory. Don’t use mobile phones, it dulls your mind. Resume after your exam is over. 


Study hard, sleep right, eat right and learn time management. You will surely score good marks.

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