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What Happens When You Are Not the One Driving Your Car In An Accident?

It is a stressful situation when someone else is driving your ear and gets in an accident. It is a complicated car accident case to handle. There are some confusions about the liabilities, insurance company contribution, other necessary actions, etc. You should know all the laws and liabilities of the insurance company in such cases. An auto injury law firm – Shamon Law, can help you to deal with this accident.

Who Is Liable For The Accident?

When someone else gets in an accident with your car, there is confusion about who is liable for this accident. In any car accident, the liable person is who caused the accident. As the person is driving your car, he will be the only liable person for the accident. He will have to compensate for all the damages and injuries legally.

If the accident is caused by another car and the driver of your vehicle is not guilty, the driver’s insurance company will pay the liabilities. You can contact a car accident lawyer to know how the coverage works.

What Should You Do After The Accident?

When someone else has an accident while driving your car, you should take action carefully. To prove the damages, injuries and get the right compensation, you need to do some necessary things immediately after the accident.

Call For Medical Help

When a car accident occurs, getting immediate medical help is necessary for the injured person. If the accident is caused by another car, the driver of your vehicle can file a claim for his personal injuries. The evidence of medical treatment can help you later.

Report The Accident

Reporting is essential after a car accident. You must report your car accident to the police, your insurance company, an appropriate law agency, and DMV. It will help you in further legal claiming procedures and in getting liabilities from the insurance company.

Recognize Your Damages

After your car meets an accident, you have to recognize the damages correctly and understand them. It will help you in filing the claim for the compensation. Also, understanding your damages is necessary for demanding liabilities from the insurance company.

Collect All The Evidence

When you get the news of your car accident, reach the accident scene immediately. After getting the medical help, you have to collect all the accident evidence, including the date, time, and location. You can take photographs of the accident scene if possible.

Liabilities Of Your Insurance Company

According to any insurance policy, insurance applies to vehicles, not drivers. If your car meets an accident, your insurance company is liable to pay for the damages. When someone else drives your car and another driver causes the accident, your insurance company may have to pay for the damages of your driver.

How Can A Car Accident Lawyer Help You? 

When someone else is driving your car and has an accident, it is a tricky situation. You will be unable to handle the legal proceedings after the accident on your own. A car accident lawyer can only help you. He will frame the case in your favour and help you to get the right compensation. 


If someone else has an accident with your car, you have to efficiently handle the situation and the claiming process. You have to collect the liabilities from your car insurance company. It would help if you listened to the advice of your car accident lawyer like the ones in the auto injury law firm – Shamon Law


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