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What Are the Most Common Repairs Done By Phone Repair Shop?

The Most Frequent Phone Issues in UK

According to a survey 95% of the households in United Kingdom own a smart phone. Being an electronic device they are prone to malfunction or break with the passage of time and repair become necessary. If you have a smart phone that need repair of any sort, Mobile Zone Belfast is your most trusted and reliable one stop shop that not only stock quality spare parts but sell new and used mobile phones too. They have fully equipped phone repair shops in Belfast with updated tools and experienced and specially trained technicians who can deal with any sort of repair.

Prerequisites of a Good Repair Shop

There are thousands of repair shops in United Kingdom and with almost every house hold having the smart phone in their possession, the potential of repair market is huge. In such a vast market only very best and trustworthy repair outlets can succeed. Just by abiding few principles you can win the trust of your customers such as an accurate diagnostics is the key as this is the first thing that the customer is looking for. Provide the customers comprehensive guaranty of your quality work so the customer goes away from the shop in complete confidence. Always deliver the phone on time as you have promised as it increases the customer’s confidence on your abilities. Provide solid repair with the help of updated tools and cover all the devices and make sure that you cover all sort of repairs at the same place instead of letting the customer know that they have to take their device somewhere else. Always aim to save the customer’s time and money. Taking such steps would ensure customers trust on you and they would become regular customers and potentially would recommend new customers as well.

Most Common Repairs That a Phone Shop Encounter

There are hundreds of brands, makes and models of smart phones and each of them comes with their own specific set of problems and their solutions.  Here we are going to look into the most common repairs that a phone shop encounters during its day to day operation.

Broken Phone Screen

We all have experienced this at some point in life and there could be numerous reasons for the screen breakage. Phone could be slipped from your hands or you can drop it while taking a picture at a crowded place or sit on the phone while it’s in the back pocket or put the phone in the tight pocket with sharp object such as keys. Whatever the reason, the usual repair method is to change either the glass or the whole screen. Good repair shops use specialized equipments to do a quality phone screen replacement job and use quality screen for long lasting results.

Charging Port Issues

You can gradually cause the charging port to malfunction due to excessive usage and sometimes due to the impact damage. There is a metal pin that does not connect to the charging wire that results in slow or no charging. This could be due to dust or debris blocking the contact or keeping your phone in humid conditions or if you drop your phone and damage the hardware. Solution to this problem is to take your phone to a professional repair centre to get the charging port replaced

Water Damage

We all hate the sinking feeling when your phone takes a nose dive in the water or you drop the water on your phone accidently. Water damage is the worst type of damage that mostly cause irreversible issues to your phone. As soon as your phone is in contact with the water, make sure you switch the phone off and take the battery out if possible. Clean it dry as much as possible and keep the phone upright so the water can drain off. Take your phone to a trusted and professional repair outlet for charging port repairs and pray that it has not sustained any serious damage.

Draining Battery Problem

Phone batteries are consisted upon Lithium ION cells and they are bound to lose their ability to store the charge. Sometimes it could be prevented by simple tricks such as closing all the background apps which ultimately saves the charging, rebooting your device can be beneficial in some instances, deleting the app you do not use can also help, updating phone and software to the latest version can help as well. Ultimately you have to replace the battery that would solve the problem once and for all.

Speakers Not Working

Phone speakers are usually very delicate and cannot take the enormous load that we put on them. You can check a few precautionary tricks such as check the settings and headphone mode and if they are not to blame than get the speakers replaced by a trusted repair shop.

Phone Overheating

Phone are supposed to produce heat through CPU, battery and screen but if your phone is getting too hot than this is a concern and need to be addressed. You can try to keep your phone updated, avoid playing heavy games, avoid charging your battery to 100% or draining it to 0% , remove the phone case and use only original charger. If that works than that is fine if not then contact the repair shop.

Buttons Not Working

this issue could be related to either the software or the hardware. Excessive usage can cause the buttons to jam or produce a fault. If it is software related than you can use third part apps to get it going but if it is related to the hardware then the best option is to get it replaced.

Camera Flash light Issues

Sometimes your phone’s flash light goes unresponsive, there are a few checks that you can do yourself before taking it to the repair shop such as check if the flash is ON and not on the auto mode, check if the battery has sufficient charging available or try resetting the flash light app. It nothing works take it to the local and trusted repair shop.

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