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What are Niche Edits? (Time to know about Curated Links)!

Types Of Niche Edits

You may have heard of ‘niche edits’ recently. Are you wondering about what they are, whether they actually work, and how to get some? 

In fact, niche edits have been around for a long time. Previously they were called contextual links. They were also part of link building strategies such as link begging. They have been known for a year or two under the name of niche edits. 

If you want to guest posting, you can put a link to an existing article rather than writing a new article. A niche edit is where to put the link in an article. So, you’re editing an existing article. 

Niche edit contextual links mark a new era in editorial link outreach. Link vendors can access real webmasters, to secure links in existing content. Utilizing SEO skills they search for relevant articles, and naturally weave your anchor text into the post.

What are niche edits?

Niche edits is a great way to build backlinks to your website, and improve its ranking. Links to existing blog posts based on niche edits, often posts that are already enabled with links. This is a great technique because it diversifies your link profile. It helps to improve the power of your site, also influences your site’s rankings.

There are 3 types of niche edits. They are White hat niche edits, Grey hat niche edits, and black hat niche edits. 

What are niche edits backlinks?

Niche edits or also known curated links are basically a contextual anchor link inserted into an aging guest post, blog post or already existing page. I mean, it’s already indexed in Google. Google has already ranked it as one of the strongest links you can buy/get via manual outreach, and the white hat is as clean as you can get. 

Niche links – Niche edits provide better link juice because Google wants good quality, aged articles with nice traffic and naturally built-in authority.

Unlike guest posts that are closest to real links, guest posts get a link from a new post or page with zero authority or internal power. One of the niche edits have juice already which sends back to your site.

Are niche edits and curated links the same?

Yes, niche edits and curated links are the same. Curated backlinks are links that are inserted into existing content and are already in Google indexed and cached content. New post with new content added by a popular form of link building is guest post placements. But niche edits and curated links will go to an existing, aged article and insert a link placement.

Even something as simple as a link to a guid in a post for more information can be considered curated content. Blog owners are happy to make niche edits to their blogs. This is because they add authorized outbound links to their site to support their talking. Adding to the benefits that website owners get, they get a freshness of content for their aging posts. Doing so helps Google rank.

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