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Water Closet – Why They are Important & How to Choose the One?

Water Closet is an important part of WC toilets in the UK. Whenever you plan to get a back-to-wall toilet, you will have to choose two things. The first is a toilet pan, and the second is a WC unit. Every bathroom requires various fittings and fixtures to make things work. Among them, the most used is a toilet. That’s why getting things right with it is extremely important. However, there are various types and shapes available. Many of them have ultra-modern features. However, if you plan to choose back to wall option, then one of the essential choices or considerations is WC toilet. It is usually connected to a vanity unit that completely conceals the cistern. Such a system is named a back-to-wall toilet. It offers various benefits that range from neater and clean looks to space-saving and coordinated looks. 

In this article, we are going to discuss important things about this fixture. 

Why is Water Closet Important?

The designers and manufacturers always keep the comfort, look, and functionality in mind while developing any fitting or fixture for the bathroom. And the toilet is no exception. Perhaps, the type innovations introduced within the toilets are much more than any other fixtures. It also includes a water closet, which also has gone through various changes over time. The modern WC units are perfect for modern bathrooms, from new features to innovative new looks. In simple words, it has a cistern or flushes inside. Still, if we look overall, it has many practical functionalities that include space-saving, better style statements, and a positive impact on the over decor of the bathroom. Today, the WC units are available in various shapes and sizes. 

Important Considerations for Choosing Water Closet.

If you are planning to get a new toilet with a water closet, you should consider the following things.Water Closet UK

  • The first thing you should know is that all the toilets connected through the wc units allow you to choose a separate toilet pan and a unit independent. That gives you plenty of flexibility to choose either type of WC or toilet pan. Such flexibility is not available with any other types. 
  • When planning for it, you should consider or decide about the colour. Although, you may think that it is not that important. But you realize its importance when you get anything that doesn’t blend well with other fixtures, creating a problem with the coordinated looks. Since there are various colours available in the market, sticking to the white-only is not recommended. You can be decorative and find the style, looks, and colour per your choice. 
  • Another important factor is your budget and price. For most people sticking to the price or remaining within budget is extremely important. The price of WCs varies a lot. Therefore, you have the choice to be within your budget limits easily. You can compare prices from various suppliers in the market. However, one thing that is important is quality. You should consider overall value for money without compromising on quality. So, you don’t have to replace it after a short time. 
  • What will dictate most your choice of WC unit is the availability of space in your bathroom. The size you choose should not be too big or too small in accordance with the availability of space. Always consider leaving some space for other fixtures so these can fit neatly and easily without looking too much crowded. 
  • There are various styles and designs available in the market. You should check whether it is a contemporary or traditional WC unit. 
  • The modern WC units are loaded with many previously unavailable features. Among such, the most important one is the dual flush mechanism. It allows you to choose between 3 or 6 litres of water as per your needs. You can choose this one for saving water.

Final Thoughts. 

The water closets are an important part of modern back to wall toilets. We have discussed the important and most important things you should consider. It can be a great choice if you are looking for a modern toilet with clean looks with space-saving features. You can visit the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website for good quality toilets. 

Royal Bathrooms

Royal Bathrooms is a leading bathroom retailer in the UK that provides top-quality bathroom fittings and fixtures at budget prices. By using our products, you can create a high-end look for less. It is where you can find a fantastic range of bathroom furniture, baths, toilets, shower enclosures, and more, ensuring the best value for money and top customer service. At Royal Bathrooms, we are proud of being among the preferred choice for bathroom fittings and fixtures. Visit:

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