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Travel & Tourism

Tour package means a pre-arrangement, pre-paid trip that includes two or more components like travelling from home to destination, accommodation at the destination, meal and other relevant services. It also includes the recreational activities created by the travelling agency to promote their business. One can also define tour package as advertised journey including specific features arranged by the agency and advertised with literature fully paid by the tourists. Tour package can also be described as a tourism product of different components purchased by an individual from different sources and combined them all which are tour operators. He sells them at exclusive prices to the clients. It is an emerging business and all the travelling agencies offer their attractive packages at a reasonable cost to attract the business. Zufta Tour & Travels is leading travelling agency which is providing their travelling packages on highly affordable prices with different facilities at different destinations. If we say that Zufta Tour & Travels are offering best tour packages in Pakistan, it would not be wrong as their customers acknowledge this. There are two basic components of a tour package which are

  1. Travel
  2. Ground arrangements.

Zufta Tour & Travels is providing these services at their best. It is the reason that a number of customers love to choose them when plan to go for vacations. Many families are their regular customers. They also offer trip facility to educational institutes.

Planning a tourism agency

The tourism industry is at the peak of their business and facilities. The lifestyle of the people has changed and everyone wants to travel to different areas. This is why several travelling agencies are doing this business. Starting a travelling agency is not an easy task. Before starting this business one should keep in mind that how to start and from where to start this business? How I can provide best facilities to the travellers and keep a good approach in this market. For all these’ planning is the main key. This business planning has various aspects like registration and licensing of the company. Travelling business has different types, Businessman should choose the kind of business whether he want to start home-based travel agent type. Now he should explore options to lead the market. For starting a business a lot of funding is required and if anyone has his own savings. A lean business plan will do more wonder about business. It is very easy and simple to streamline the business.  If anyone does not possess the required funds, he can get a loan or find an investor party to start a business.

Then further go and plan to add legal formalities. One should start the business planning and exploring the business market minimum one year before launching his programme. It will help a person to learn different events and offers of different travelling agencies to attract visitors. It will help the person to make planning what he will offer which can attract the visitor to compete the market competitors and make a good deal in business.

How can you make your business successful?

Before time, market research makes you able to access the true market demand. Local community needs and requirements. Keep in view the now-a-day demand for online booking and offline booking arrangements. Think about the packages and offers to attract customers. High-level publicity, attractive slogans, attractive headlines on the website and social media publicity is crucial. Offer different wonderful and attractive packages to attract customers. Good management at starting time is “Cut your coat according to your cloth”. Manage necessary expenses on office, necessary equipment for the record, online and offline booking, travelling tools and publicity material i.e. Electronic and print media.

After doing all these necessary functions one and very important step is on the head that chooses different locations and hires the staff to perform different duties. This includes travelling contractor, Salesman, travelling agent, event coordinator. This staff should be trained and master in their work. This teamwork will make your dream work. Concerned people of this business say that there are 4ps in this business i.e. price, place, product and promotion. If anyone has all then no one can stop him. Marketing plays a big role in promoting this business.

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