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Top 5 TV brand in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Smart LED TV Brands

TV Brand in Bangladesh, let’s start with CRT Televisions or Cathode Ray Tube TV. Sony, Samsung and LG manufactured most popular during that time and used to be famous

Today is the world of LED television, LCD televisions, Smart TV, and Android TV integrated with the Android operating system. A replacement for Google TV and Apple TV is a television sold by Apple Inc.

Sony TV Bangladesh

If we compare it with other brands, Sony is one of the brands with great TV quality. Sony is much more comparable to LG or Samsung and much more. Everyday time becomes an important time when best practices come together. Bravia, with its pioneering technology, ensures that you live up to this importance every day. You can watch Sony Entertainment TV live in Bangladesh on OTT apps. It makes the most beautiful images shine with perfect features, dramatic color and noticeable differences. Get closer to reality with unique Sony technologies.

Best TV in Bangladesh

Sony has a perfect Bangladeshi TV and that too, at all prices. In Bangladesh, Sony-led TVs start at BDT 500. 10,000 and above. Since the brand is very famous and sells the best TV in Bangladesh, the brand has a decent number of Full HD as well as 4K TVs. You can buy a 32-inch Sony TV, a 40-inch Sony Smart TV, a 55-inch Sony TV, a 24-inch Sony TV and more, with most designs now being developed in 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p). Stream videos directly from the Internet On selected models, up to 4 HDMI ports can be accessed. X-Reality Pro improves display, versatility and visual clarity, enabling even non-HD videos to look like high-quality videos.

Samsung TV Bangladesh

Samsung LED TVs to start at BDT 11,000, and the brand offers a one to the two-year warranty for most of its models, and some innovations add lightning protection, sound filtering, built-in wireless connection, and other useful features to Samsung LED TVs. Smart Switch 4K UHD TV Design Features include dynamic crystal color technology exercises that can handle up to a billion shades, Bixby Voice acting as Vix Command, Smart Hub to add to the interior aesthetics of your home, and Ultra-Slim design integrated models ready to add Samsung One remote features. Makes it easy and straightforward.

South Korean company

Samsung is a South Korean company which is one of the best known and best-LED TV brands in Bangladesh. Samsung TVs come with the latest specifications and packages according to the required features. which has succeeded in producing and supplying the best televisions in Bangladesh. In addition, you can find Samsung TVs on every budget smart TV starting price. 20,000 to above 3,00,000. It is on the list of Top 9 LED TVs of 2021 (Smart) Bangladesh due to its stylish TV, picture quality and much more.

Samsung is the most trusted brand in Bangladesh, it has become the largest smartphone company in the world, and it sells the lowest-priced mobile phones in the Bangladeshi market. The South Korean electronics company is a true leader in the appliance market in Bangladesh;

with their great terms and affordable prices, the Samsung brand has played an important role in the LED TV business. Reputable brands have always adopted the latest technology to develop innovative accessories and inventions for today’s TVs. Over the years, Samsung has launched a series of smart LED TVs with Ultra HD TVs, 3D LEDs, curved LED TVs and even great functionality, Samsung’s rich LED TVs have been praised for their outstanding image clarity and exciting audio output.

LG TV Bangladesh

Life is good with LG TVs, appliances, computers, air conditioners, cell phones, LG and a variety of other things. Start transforming your TV viewing adventure and enjoy the TV / Audio / Video excitement associated with LG Bangladesh’s premium TV viewing technology.  All of our smart TVs are now powered by Android, which means you can use the apps you need to upgrade your TV however you need. Just buy it, LG is one of the most famous brands in Bangladesh, which has a presence in hundreds of countries. LG Electronics is very well designed, has the latest specifications and features.

LG Smart TV

Through the brand, if we talk about the price of LG-led televisions in Bangladesh, it starts at BDT. 9,000 and comes at a huge cost. LG TVs are loyal TVs, and many people buy them in Bangladesh. The TV features a 24-inch LG LED TV, a 43-inch LG Smart TV and a few 4K UHD with selected models, and it starts with the built-in Google Assistant and Alexa. There is no need to use it any longer hardware. Easy syncing with fun Apple devices on selected models, all smart devices can sit at home on selected models via your TV. It is on the list of Top 9 LED TVs of 2021 (Smart) Bangladesh due to its stylish TV, picture quality and much more.  Connect the One-Touch audio compatibility feature to selected models via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, LAN and USB

Pentanik TV Bangladesh

Pentanik has the largest collection of Smart Android and Basic LED television. Stylish design, powerful hardware, the latest technology. the most advanced system have made Pentanik one of the best brands available in Bangladesh. If you think quality within budget, then Pentanik is the only choice you can think of. No matter how large you need, Pentanik has a wide collection of 17 to 102 inch (upcoming) Android and regular LED television.

Upgrade your TV

Pentanik is now more advanced, powered by the more advanced processor and latest technology LED panel. All of our smart TVs are now powered by Android, which means you can use the apps you need to upgrade your TV however you need. With lots of customization options and easy-to-understand UI, Pentanik tv offers the most user-friendly interface. From advanced users to new, Pentanik tv can be understood by all of you. If you are looking for LED TV prices in Bangladesh, visit our authorized seller Ponnobd Electronics. For the latest offers and prices, follow them on their social media accounts.

Singer TV Bangladesh

Singer Bangladesh has been identified as a regional hub and one of the popular TV brand in Bangladesh.  Rapid growth and growth in the emerging Asian, Middle Eastern and Western economies. Design this company from Bangladesh knowing. How to address Bangladesh based clients To be and to accept E-information for market development. Bangladesh is the sixth most important region interested in SAARC countries, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The singer will move aggressively and strategically into business research and bring about change. It uses its internal open processing system and will achieve the best of global efficiency and work in areas such as energy, water, remote access and food.

LED TV in Bangladesh

The singer is a Japanese brand that has a lot of good TVs under its brand name. For commercial, This brand has important formats like smart TV, 4K TV, 3D TV and many more. It is the best-LED TV brand in the world as it is the most sought after and famous brand in the world. In Bangladesh, the price of a singer led television starts at BDT 13,000 and goes up. Singer TV’s most famous Veera range, which has gained quite a bit of popularity. In this brand, you will find the best 32 inches LED TV in Bangladesh with price and much more. Dot technology is used in premium models to reduce video sound elements to give shorter viewing activity.

To instantly enjoy digital content from a USB memory stick, create a VIRA Remote 2 in the selected design. Audio contact with the TV with remote control or any smartphone is welcomed. Audio-based web searches are welcomed on selected models.


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