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Top 10 Benefits of Motorized Curtains

What are Motorized Curtains?

Motorized curtains are curtains that open and close automatically by means of an electric motor. The curtains can be opened or closed with remote control, or through various electrical sensors; which include a motion sensor, light sensor, infrared (IR) sensor, sun load cell sensor, etc., depending on the type of curtain installed in your building. Motion detector-based systems sense movement in front of the window and activate the curtain opener to open or close. Light sensors detect daylight coming into a room and turn off lights when sufficient natural lighting is present. If there is sufficient sunlight during the daytime then you may decide to leave them wide open during this period. ankara escort

10 Benefits of Motorized Curtains

Modern homes are flooded with electric appliances and every single one of them brings a real advantage over the good old-fashioned products. Appliances that use electricity – from toasters to hairdryers – do their job faster, better, and without any effort from your side. Today we’re going to talk about a smart product that is basically a lifeline for people who have problems with opening or closing those hard-to-reach windows – motorized curtains.

In this article, you’ll learn how these curtain motors work, why they are so beneficial, and what desgn options you have when it comes to installing them in your home.

Motorized Curtains
Motorized Curtains

1.  Make Life Easier If You Have Limited Mobility

You should know that if you have problems with opening or closing the curtains in your home, you aren’t alone. Millions of people around the world have issues that prevent them from reaching their windows and enable natural light into their homes. Of course, some of them resort to hiring someone just to open and close their blinds on a daily basis but what if there was an easier solution?

2.  Energy-Efficient

Taking electricity out of it, window covering is also one of the most effective ways to save on energy bills. This is because when you leave your windows uncovered during the daytime they act like huge solar panels soaking up sun rays (and heat). Once night comes all that heat is then transferred inside which increases air conditioning costs. With smart motorized curtains, all you have to do is set them properly and let them work for you.

3. Save Time And Effort

If someone in your family takes care of opening and closing the windows on daily basis, it might be a smart idea to help him/her out by installing motorized window coverings. This will definitely spare some time and effort that can then be used more efficiently. Thanks to this solution, not only you won’t need to get up from the couch every single time but also your loved one can finally enjoy his or her free time without doing anything.

4.  Perfect For People With Pets

We all know how hard it is when our pets want to run in and out of the house through the open window. Of course, you could always set your blinds to be opened at all times but what if you want privacy? Also, in most cases when someone does that they end up forgetting about it and it’s really frustrating when you’re trying to sleep in a brightly lit bedroom. escort ankara

5.  Offer Huge Design Flexibility

Since motorized curtains are semi-transparent there is no need to worry – you won’t lose too much light during the daytime. Thanks to this fact motorized window treatments are perfect for homes with either traditional or modern designs. The only downside might be their price but besides that, they truly offer great value.

6.  Great Way To Open Up Your Home

If you have a large living room with those huge windows it might be a good idea to install motorized curtains. While they come in various designs, most of them are designed as simple tracks that can easily blend into your window decor and open up the space. It’s a smart way to make your home look bigger and brighter on a budget.

7.  Can Be Customized According To Your Preferences

One of the best advantages of motorized curtains is that they offer amazing design flexibility. You can basically customize these materials according to your preferences – do you want more transparency or complete privacy? Do you want straight lines or custom-made shapes? There are many options out there when it comes to this amazing technology and as long as you do your research properly, don’t be afraid to try something new.

8. Perfect For Anyone With Kids

You know that moment when you’re trying to put kids or pets into bed but they just can’t seem to settle down? It’s frustrating for sure and if there was a solution for this issue people wouldn’t find it so difficult. Fortunately, motorized curtains offer the perfect way out of such situations. All you have to do is set them up according to the manufacturer’s instructions and voila – problem solved!

9. Plenty Of Designs To Choose From

Although motorized window coverings come in various designs, prices also vary depending on the model. Still, there are plenty of options out there to choose from – do you want light filtering curtains or opaque ones? Do you need straight lines or can they be custom-made? These are all questions that should be addressed before making the final purchase because it’s your hard-earned money on the line after all.

10.  Offer Great Price/Quality Ratio

Last but not least is the price/quality ratio. Since motorized curtain systems come with different features and designs, naturally their prices also vary quite a lot depending on these factors. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that while some models might cost you more at first, they will definitely offer better performance in the long run so technically they are even cheaper than the low-quality manual models.

11. Motorized Window Coverings

Nowadays there are tons of great options for people with disabilities or limited mobility. If you know someone who can’t get up on their own but still wants to enjoy fresh air every once in a while it might be a good idea to install motorized window treatments. Not only they will give them access to the open window whenever they want but also offer privacy when needed.

12.  Offer Excellent Noise Reduction Quality

If you live in an area where traffic is heavy, installing motorized curtains might come in handy. This way you won’t have to deal with loud sounds coming from outside and if you want to block all noise you can always choose thicker models that will fit your window perfectly. It’s definitely useful in several situations, not only for sleeping!

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