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Things to Consider when Buying Baptism Gifts for Adults

How to choose Baptism Gift

A gift with religious values rooted in it will make ideal gift for adult baptism. Infant Baptism is more common. Adult baptism, also known as Believer’s Baptism is a ceremony that takes place after one has established the faith. 

To make the right gift decision, best approach would be to talk to the family hosting the ceremony. Different families have different traditions, different ceremonies, try to understand those traditions before buying a gift. Understand the rituals and get the best baptism gift that align with their beliefs and faith. Gifts of religious value, gifts with beautiful message make a great option.

Should you really be buying gift for adult baptism?

Even though gift is optional for Believer’s Baptism ceremony, it would be nice to express your love and respect with a thoughtful gift. The family has invited you to be part of their special day, gift would be your token of appreciation, your recognition for the person who is embracing his journey of faith.

Adult’s Baptism ceremony invite is sent to only few selected people. Its for close family and friends only. If you are one of the invitee, you sure mean something to the family. So, it would be great to buy something meaningful, even though not mandatory.

How to choose Baptism Gift for Adults

#1 Decide gift based on the age of the person

There are several cute keepsakes like silver rattles that are very popular gifts for infant baptism. But you should be careful about the keepsakes you choose for an adult.

As the adult has made a conscious decision to get baptized, the gift you choose should be based on the lifelong journey that motivated this person to get baptized after reaching the appropriate age and level of faith. 

#2 Gift based on the relationship 

A small token of love would be all it takes to bring a smile on the face of the adult getting baptized. Whether you have an ample amount of time left to decide on the gift or whether you are shopping at the last minute, there are several meaningful gift ideas to consider. Parents and relatives of the adult getting baptized might find traditional gifts like the rosary to be a great choice. 

If the person likes to introspect in silence and spend some quiet time reflecting on his daily prayers, a prayer journal might be another relevant gift.

#3 Scriptures and symbolism are the most perfect gift for Adult Baptism

If you check out the words carved or printed or engraved on baptism gifts for adults, they could be prayers or verses from the Bible. If you’re religious yourself, you’d easily be ready to find a relevant scripture that reflects what the person has been through in his life. It could even be a proverb that can add a customized tone to the gift. There also are a couple of gifts which may accompany religious symbols of various kinds.

Look for symbols or prints of Jesus, Virgin Mary or Angel. Speak to your friend about his faith to know better about the type of symbols to find. If you are not familiar with scriptures or symbolisms, you can choose something that has inspirational messages for all times .

Praying figurines that are handmade by Churches also are quite common gift choices for adults.

#4 How much are you thinking to spend on Baptism Gifts for Adults?

For a ceremony like Baptism, value of gift is more important than the price of gift. Gift should be subtle, simple, not flashy. Give materialistic gifts a no go. You might think of buying a necklace, pendant, bracelet, make sure you choose something with religious inscriptions on it. Get some engravings on a jewelry gift like a bible verse, a blessing from Jesus.

#5 Generic gifts for those times where you cannot decide 

After pondering over the topic for days if you still cannot make up your mind, there are several generic gifts that still work as baptism gifts for adults. An elegant dry fruits gift hamper would not cost you much but it would be a small token of your appreciation for the ceremony. 

If  you do not know much about the ceremony itself or the traditions of this family, you can stick with some generic gifts for your friend for Baptism. There are also ornate crosses, religious candle gifts, and other such ideas that might work for you. 

Few Last Words

Besides finding the ideal gift for the ceremony you should also be sure to present yourself elegantly. Some of these ceremonies might have particular dress codes. Talk to your friend if you have never attended a baptism ceremony before.

You can also walk in with a bunch of fresh flowers to add to the ceremonial décor in case you do not know whether your gift would be enough. Being there for your friend while he takes his next big step would be all that matters.

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