Things to be Regarded Before Hiring Android Tablet Application

Smartphones have become a vital part of our daily lives. The speed with which we do tasks on our phones is almost unparalleled. While on the move itself we can get our work done as well as communicate with people through our smartphones.

All android phones are smartphones but all smartphones need not be android based. An android phone is a powerful smartphone high on technology that runs on the Android operating system(OS) developed by Google. By using an android phone you can choose from numerous great apps and multitask with ease.

Android can make quick changes to the settings. By enabling various apps and tasks we make use of the android operating system. It makes cheap and better performance at a low cost.  


Impact of mobile apps in our life

Android allows phone manufacturers to produce advanced devices without worrying about the software. This makes it cheaper allowing it to reach the hands of more people.  

Android apps are the most popular apps used in the market. 

The reason for this popularity is it’s free to use model. Apps play a very important role in making android phones easy to use. Android apps can be considered the decoration on a cake.

It is believed that android OS has a 74% share of the mobile OS market. The number of mobile apps downloaded is amounted to over 210 billion. So it is no marvel that most of the businesses are trying to hire android tablet development professionals.               

From ordering a meal to shopping online to booking a cab ride we are all dependent on smartphones and the apps on these phones. 

With social media, we get to know everything we need to know about a person who is far from us.  

During the novel coronavirus, video calling has also helped to reduce the distance from our near ones. Shopping apps have also helped us to shop for our necessities by sitting in the comforts of our homes. We can track how many calories we are burning every day with the help of health-maintaining apps. Without going to a gym we can get advice on how to burn calories more through these apps.

There are apps for students also that provide them with tutorials to understand a topic well. Music apps give us the freedom to listen to any song we want even if it decades old. We can even work on the MS word app through our phones and prepare any document and presentation. 


 Things to be regarded before hiring an android tablet app developer

There are certain things to be regarded before you hire a professional for android tablet development. They are:

Language Knowledge –  Android has its software development kit. The prominent languages usually used by android tablet development companies are Java and Kotlin. So ensure that before you hire a developer he is versatile in any of these languages. 

  1. Javas has been the normal choice over the years but the easy syntax and ability to use has been Java code a worthy choice over Kotlin.
  2. Latest technology – Ensure that the android tablet app development company is well aware of the latest technologies and trends. While picking up a branded tab think from the developer’s perspective as to how he would justify the extra space in the tab. It is a question of skills and talent as to how to navigate and use the latest technology. Usually, android apps work effectively on a broader screen hence do not anticipate all the normal apps to be working in a table format. For this, the developer must be up-to-date on the technologies of the android tablet.
  1. Experience – An established developer will have a wide portfolio of apps they have worked on. Make sure that you see any or all of those apps before giving them the job of developing. Also, ask questions on their role in the development. Were they only assisting or in charge? Ensure that you get to know the in-depth of their experience. Ask for their client list past and present. This will help in knowing how big their task was. This is necessary as you want a developer who has plenty and relevant experience before the project starts.
  2. Outsourcing – Once you are satisfied with the developer and their skill requirements then you should be sure that this is the person who will be working on your app.  Question them on the outsourcing development responsibilities. If they can do it, then you will have to ensure on their capabilities and talents of the developer who would be doing the actual work. 

Android Tablet App Developer


  1. Analytic programs – To track your app’s effectiveness after its launch then you need to be connected to certain analytic programs. Ask your developer about their experience on programs like Google Analytics. Most of the analytic programs require nearly an hour or less to connect so if they are taking more than half a day to work on this aspect then you can be sure that they do not know what they are doing. Tracking your progress is important as you need to know which aspects of the app you need to rework or redesign if needed. Only a good developer will understand this and keep a plan of action in motion just in case needed.
  2. Customer support – In this era when everyone hires or buys any product only after reviewing comments of customers it is quite necessary to extend proper customer support after android tab app development. Good customer support will only enhance the long-term relationship and help strengthen the wariness of android tablet development.

It is a very big and important decision you take before hiring an app developer. It is a search that should not be taken lightly. So think wisely and ensure that you are handing over the project of your app development to the right hands.


The ever-changing mobile ecosystem has made many app developers become self-taught. People are using android phones in an ever-increasing manner and have spread all over the planet.  

Android app development is playing a major role in the world of business. Operating systems are becoming a deciding factor to buy smartphones. Hence hiring an android developer is a long and complex process as Android phones have become the most popular smartphones in the world.

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